BY ALISON DELLIT In the biggest show of solidarity with asylum seekers yet seen in Australia, more than 45,000 people attended Palm Sunday marches around the country on March 24, calling for freedom and justice for refugees. More than
BY LINDA WALDRON& NATALIE ZIRNGAST MELBOURNE — Workers at Flair Menswear Preston, manufacturers of Hugo Boss fashions, held a victory barbecue on the morning of March 18, after a two-week picket. A planned solidarity sausage sizzle at the
BY CHRIS FLOYD The rule of law is dead. Even as a fiction, a dream of human betterment — of "civilization", to use that word we hear so often on the lips of warlords and terrorists these days — the idea of law has been discarded, trashed: just
Blindfold and Alone: British Military Executions in the Great WarBy Cathryn Corns &John Hughes-WilsonCassell & Co, 2001543 pages, $59.95 (hb) REVIEW BY PHIL SHANNON "I think an example is necessary in the interests of discipline", wrote
A Pacific islands network which monitors globalisation in the Pacific is calling on Pacific island leaders to think before they ratify trade agreements and those who have ratified to withdraw from them. Pacific Network for Globalisation
BY SUZIE AMBROSE DARWIN — The prediction of the March 7 NT News editorial — "No votes for ratbags" — was disproved in the March 16 elections for Lord Mayor of Darwin. Socialist Alliance candidate Ruth Ratcliffe received 1057 votes after
BY ROBYN MARSHALL BRISBANE — In the Brisbane City Gallery of the Town Hall is a remarkable collection of photographs, selected by radical Australian journalist John Pilger. The photographs that are included in Reporting the World are a
BY STEVE DAY ADELAIDE — On March 8, San Francisco-based group Spearhead treated punters to a very special performance that will stick in the minds of many for a while to come. The charismatic Michael Franti hosted an evening of hip hop, funk,
BY NORM DIXON In the aftermath of the rigged March 9-10 presidential election, Zimbabwe's trade unions and the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) have failed to lead serious mass mobilisations to block the return of the authoritarian
Museworthy: The Fragment Called Wisdom There is a cracked stoneIt is wiseThere is a broken stickIt is wiseThere is water, forever formless always formedIt is wiseIt is unwiseto shake the whole from its sack of piecesThe head looks around at its
[The following is an excerpt from a statement issued by the Socialist Alliance in Melbourne on March 20.] Dean Mighell is 100% correct to say that the ALP has turned its back on the working class. One of the first acts of the Bracks
BY NICK SOUDAKOFF The US government has requested an additional 300 troops be allowed to perform "civic duties" on the Philippines island of Basilian as part of the Balikatan 02-1 war games nominally aimed at destroying the Abu Sayyaf kidnap group.