Socialists picket Bracks MELBOURNE — Supporters of the Socialist Alliance held a rally outside the Treasury Place office of Victorian Labor Premier Steve Bracks on March 5, protesting at the government's failure to reverse service cuts carried
Sacrificed on the altar of imperialism “It is more dangerous, but at the end of the day ... the sure way to work against the enemy is to put people on the ground”, General Tommy Franks, the commander of Washington's war in Afghanistan,
BY ROHAN PEARCE According to the Israeli interior ministry, the demand for gun permits rose 75% over the last year. In 2001, 7790 people applied for permits — almost twice the number of applications in 2000. In January of this year alone, 879
Museworthy: Silence and its Answer The uprooting of words took place here in the country with no tongue The most silent of plants grows here It is an animal that turns its belly to the blade and faces with the heart's generic
BY GRAHAM MATTHEWS MELBOURNE — The Victorian Labor government sent police and environment department staff to dismantle the Goolengook forest blockade in East Gippsland in the early morning on March 5. The blockade has been the longest
BY KAREN FLETCHER HAVANA — Through the US government's anti-Cuba propaganda outlet Radio Marti, the right-wing "Miami mafia" provoked a break-in and occupation by hooligans of the Mexican embassy in Havana on February 27. Beamed from Miami into
BY URI AVNERY TEL AVIV — Last week, in Europe, I happened to pass a frozen lake. I was told that a few days before it was possible to skate on it. But the temperature had risen and the ice cover had started to melt. It still covers the whole
BY MARY CARROLL SYDNEY — One hundred and thirty people filled the Manly Youth Centre Hall on February 28, attending a "People v Philip Ruddock" meeting called by the northern branch of the Socialist Alliance. Speakers were moved to tears as
With the Philippines now the "second front" in the US "war on terrorism", Green Left Weekly's ALLEN JENNINGS interviewed Rasti Delizo, head of the general secretariat of the Philippines Campaign for Peace with Justice. Can you give us some
BY SARAH PEART DUNDEE — "The Scottish Socialist Party promotes a vision that tackles poverty and inequality head on", declared the SSP's sole MP, Tommy Sheridan, in opening the fourth annual SSP conference held in Dundee's Caird Hall over the
Sweden Annual refugee resettlement quota of 1800. In 1999 34% of 11,231 asylum claims were approved for refugee status. No skilled migration or family reunion program. Asylum seekers spend at least two weeks in Carlslund Refugee Reception
BY SARAH STEPHEN Tahmeena Faryal, a 23-year-old activist involved in the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA), will be a featured speaker at the Second Asia Pacific International Solidarity Conference, which will be held in
Forum discusses power station GEELONG — On March 4, the Socialist Alliance hosted a discussion around the topic "Our energy, our future, is there space for community democracy?". This "politics in the pub" continued nine months of campaigning
BY LAUREN CARROLL HARRIS "This year's International Women's Day [IWD] takes place in a very dangerous political climate for women — both in Australia and internationally. The launching by the United States of a socalled war against terrorism —
BY SARAH STEPHEN "We were taken on a bus to Midway Hostel, in Maribyrnong [in Melbourne's west], and for Vietnamese like us, who had suffered so much from the ravages of war and change, the welcome and care shown by the hostel staff moved us so
BY SAM WAINWRIGHT SYDNEY — In the small hours of March 4 two production workers and a contract fitter from the Caltex oil refinery at Kurnell were admitted to Sutherland Hospital suffering exposure to hydrogen sulphide gas. Prolonged exposure


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