Protesters storm Grand Chancellor Hotel HOBART — US ambassador Tom Shieffer was met on February 7 by protesters chanting, "Drop the debt, not the bomb". Shieffer was in Hobart to speak to a luncheon of the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and
Museworthy: Advertising Works (for Morris Dees) The ad said "Soft On Crime"the black man was out of prisonon work release and did what prisonersdo on that, committed a crimeAttacked a white woman in a photoon telly in a wedding dress (white)
BY SARAH STEPHEN A five-day fact-finding mission to the Woomera detention centre, conducted by Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission (HREOC) officers, has produced a damning report. The February 6 report, produced as part of a
They are not alone! @box text intr = WOLLONGONG — Drizzly rain couldn't stop more than 100 people acting in solidarity with refugees in the Wollongong mall on February 7. The candlelight vigil, organised by the Illawarra Refugee Action Collective
BY MAX LANE PERTH — Almost 700 people turned out on February 4 to hear John Pilger condemn the corporate media bias in coverage of, and academic silence on, the so-called war against terrorism, refugees, globalisation and Australian government
BY NICK EVERETT On February 5, I attended a meeting of Sydney's Palm Sunday Committee on behalf of the Free the Refugees Campaign (FRC). I had received an email that day from Labor for Refugees co-convenor Amanda Tattersall that explained, "there
BY LUKE WILLIAMS Peter Tatchell, renowned for his fight for gay liberation and human rights, has been denied a visa to Australia. The debacle has prevented him from attending his stepfather's funeral. He was refused entry despite repeated requests
By Leigh Hughes "Every nation, in every region, now has a decision to make. Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists. From this day forward, any nation that continues to harbor or support terrorism will be regarded by the United
BY SARAH PEART GLASGOW — The latest report released by the National Child Helpline (NCH) Scotland on January 22 shows that 310,000 children (42%) across Scotland are living in poverty. It also shows that nearly half of all children live in
Nutters I'm scared! I am afraid! I really am frightened — that great superpower (the United States of America) is now being ruled by nutters — a cabal of nutters. Its president, and his mates (Richard Wolfowitz in particular) are talking of
BY DICK NICHOLS CARACAS — Venezuela's wealthy elite is using every resource at its disposal to force President Hugo Chavez Frias to retreat or resign. Their offensive reached its highest point yet on January 23, when their "March for Freedom and
BY DITA SARI JAKARTA — The driving forces of globalisation are the movement and expansion of capital and technology, through multinational companies. Globalisation, some people argue, has contributed a lot to the creation of a new world, with