BY JESS MELVIN MELBOURNE — On February 8, several young people crowded into a temporary detention center were watched by police as they chanted and waved placards. This was not the refugee detention centre at Maribyrnong, however, but outside the
BY SHUA GARFIELD HOBART - The Policy and Intergovernment Committee of the Hobart City Council decided on February 5 against holding a public consultation about activities in city's Elizabeth Street mall. The consultation was originally proposed
By Andrea Miles With the commencement of bombing in Afghanistan, US President George Bush and UK Prime Minister Tony Blair started proclaiming that the fall of the Taliban regime would be a victory for women's rights. If this were the case perhaps
BY BEN REID PORTO ALEGRE — The outstanding success of the second World Social Forum dealt a severe blow to the proponents of the "end of the anti-globalisation movement after September 11" pundits. Some 51,300 people from all over the world and
Do you want to help free the refugees? Do you have spare time, some ideas or skills you would like to share? The Free the Refugees Campaign (FRC) is active in many communities, high schools, workplaces and universities. It organises protest
By Nicole Hoye Women in Australia and in most other countries still do not have control over their reproductive lives. Abortion is still a crime in all states of Australia. Women's access to abortion services still depends on judicial
Taliban: Made by the USA and Detention Without TrialBy EyeBlatant PropagandaSend $5 for each CD to PO Box 1327, Woden 2606 ACT, Australia, or visit <http://on.to/propaganda> REVIEW BY MARK ABBERTON "Taliban, Taliban: Made by the USA.
Sorry "I'm sorry that we didn't liquidate him." — Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on Palestinian Authority leader Yasser Arafat. Embarrassed "He can't leave his home. He is so embarrassed about this." — Tom Skilling on his brother,
BY RAY FULCHER MELBOURNE — Julia Gillard, Labor's shadow minister for immigration and ethnic affairs, told a February 6 public meeting attended by more than 200 people that she was "not ashamed of the decisions Labor took in the run up to the
By Kate Wilson Shayan Bedraie made the perilous journey from Iran to Australia by boat with his Kurdish family, fleeing from government repression. He was only four years old, but the Australian immigration system placed him in mandatory detention,
BY ALAN MAASS CHICAGO — "There are business scandals that are so vast and so penetrating that they profoundly shock our most deeply held beliefs about the honesty and integrity of our corporate culture. Enron Corp is one of them. This financial
BY EVA CHENG Under severe pressure from the Bush administration and the International Monetary Fund, the five-week-old government of Argentine President Eduardo Duhalde has chosen the "lesser evil" of floating his country's currency, the peso,