There is an increasingly noisy argument going on among leading ideologists of the right. The conservative journal Quadrant has been running a debate on the failure of economic "rationalism", former Liberal prime minister Malcolm Fraser has warned
By Craig Cormick It is no news that increased use of pesticides can lead to health problems, but a recent Philippines study has found this can in turn lead to decreased productivity. The use of dangerous pesticides has increased globally, as
By Norm Dixon Cuba's annual Jazz Plaza Festival, taking place March 27-29 in Havana, is to feature an array of the some the world's finest contemporary jazz artists. Some of the most notable hail from the United States, and their attendance is
By Maurice Sibelle BRISBANE — "Queensland's Transport Workers Union is now back in the hands of its members," says Hughie Williams, the union's Brisbane sub-branch secretary and newly elected organiser. When the votes in the branch elections
Voice of America to displace Sri Lankan villagers By Norm Dixon Iranawila and Pambala are two poverty-stricken fishing villages on north-western coast of Sri Lanka. The people living here have relied on the sea for survival since before
By John Layfield MELBOURNE — The Victorian government of Premier Joan Kirner has severely cut its Poverty Action Program and withdrawn funding from some of the most active poverty and unemployment groups. The cuts ignore the recommendations
By Peter Colley Australia faces an immense challenge in addressing the greenhouse issue as part of the global community. The core of the challenge will be how to respond constructively in a manner that not only preserves jobs and living
As part of an international agreement signed in Toronto in 1988, the federal government committed Australia to a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2005. But a new round of debate over Australia's energy and environment policies
By Peter Annear in Prague A Hungarian law lifting the 20-year statute of limitations on former Communist Party administrators has been overruled. Judges of the constitutional court unanimously rejected the legislation referred to them by, among
The Stories of Eva Luna By Isabel Allende Penguin, 1991. 227 pp. $12.95 Reviewed by Mario Giorgetti Told in the hyperbolic style of folktales, the stories in this volume are diverse and colourful. In structure, some of them are not unlike


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