Deterring Democracy By Noam Chomsky Verso, 1991. 421 pp. $49.95 (hb) Reviewed by Phil Shannon The Cold War is over. The Soviet Beast is slain. Now all the happy citizens of the New World Order can live in peace, freedom and democracy. This,

Varied IWD in Wollongong By Lisa Schofield WOLLONGONG — During the past two weeks, women here have celebrated International Women's Day with a range of activities, starting with a toast and film night at the Illawarra Women's Health Centre

The social and environmental costs of large-scale tree planting to help deal with global warming far outweigh the likely benefits, according to a Friends of the Earth report published on March 1. The report, Deserts of Trees, reveals that

Winds of change "A man cannot keep the same views all his life. It's a natural process. But I have changed profoundly only once." — Leonid Kravchuk, former leading figure in the Ukrainian Communist Party, now nationalist president of the

US Marine faces 7 year sentence By Jeff Mackler An outspoken antiwar fighter, Marine reservist Corporal Tahan Jones, faces frame-up charges of "desertion with intent to avoid hazardous duty and shirk important service". According to Jones'

By Debbie Sewell DARWIN — The Lusitania Expresso set sail from Darwin on Monday, March 9 heading for Dili to lay floral wreaths at the Santa Cruz cemetery, site of a massacre by Indonesian forces on November 12 last year. Songs of freedom

Timor trials a travesty, says TAPOL By Norm Dixon TAPOL, the Indonesian Human Rights Campaign, has condemned the pending trials of seven East Timorese arrested in the aftermath of the Indonesian military's massacre of peaceful mourners at the

By Karen Fletcher BRISBANE — Local singer/songwriter Ruth Apelt won the National Labour Day Song Award at the Labour Day Concert in Melbourne on March 9. "Mama's Out Walkin'", a song which celebrates the newly found freedom of a formerly

Action updates BRISBANE — About 150 people danced the night away on March 12 in a special women's performance night at Green It Up, the weekly political infotainment event organised by Resistance as a fundraiser for Green Left Weekly. The

By Maxine Durand The world economy is currently experiencing a sluggishness which is giving increasing cause for concern. A recent editorial in the Economist, while attempting to be reassuring, was nevertheless entitled "Free fall?". It is


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