BY JONATHAN STRAUSS SYDNEY — The public's right to know about asylum seekers is being limited by the major parties' agreement on the issue, Peter McEvoy, producer and journalist for the recent ABC Four Corners program on the refugee detention
BY WILL WILLIAMS WOLLONGONG — More than 400 people gathered on November 3 for a march and rally to oppose the US war on Afghanistan. Marchers poured scorn on pro-war Prime Minister John Howard and the equally gung-ho Labor "opposition" leader Kim
BY GRAHAM MATTHEWS MELBOURNE — During an October 25 interview on Radio 3AW, Socialist Alliance Senate candidate for Victoria Alison Thorne faced a barrage of abuse and accusation. Thorne was invited by 3AW drive-time host Steve Price to talk
BY SEAN HEALY While the relentless bombing of Afghanistan hasn't resulted in the quick collapse of the Taliban regime that Pentagon officials hoped for, the negotiations are well under way on the regime which will, at the point of US bayonets,
BY ALISON THORNE The "First Child Tax Rebate", the centrepiece of the Liberal Party's election launch on October 28, is, as we have come to expect from Prime Minister John Howard, anti-feminist to the core. When John Howard argues that the family
BY ADAM MACLEAN A mutiny by his hand-picked senior managers at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation has sealed the fate of Australia's self-styled "mini-media mogul", managing director Jonathan Shier, who resigned at the ABC's board meeting on
BY EWAN SAUNDERS& MARCEL CAMERON Last year hundreds of thousands of Australians participated in the "reconciliation walks", the most impressive of these occurring on May 28, 2000, when at least a quarter of a million people walked across Sydney
BY ERIK WESSELIUS Britain is home to a particularly influential services industry lobby, which operates through an organisation called "International Financial Services, London (IFSL)". It is more than just another corporate pressure group; it
BY DAVE HOLMES @box text intr = Every demonisation campaign undertaken by US imperialism has taken its toll as various prominent left-wingers have been taken in — or caved in — and have swung over to support US policy. It happened in the
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