A documentary about Indonesian factory workers who make theatre, produced and presented by Actively Radical Television November 10, 7pm, Tap gallery, cnr Burton and Palmer streets, Darlinghurst, Sydney Also music, wine, poetry and chat by Tim
BY ALEX BAINBRIDGE Few people could admire the morality of deliberately setting fire to someone's house and then locking all the doors and windows to prevent the occupants from escaping to safety. Neither action is justifiable by itself and both
BY EVA CHENG The protests against Bush's war on Afghanistan are growing in many parts of the world despite initial signs that some countries, especially the US, are seeking to respond to any civil disobedience with heavy-handed repression. In the
BY EVA CHENG Despite rhetoric to the contrary, the Bush regime has shown breathtaking disregard for the growing civilian casualties that its round-the-clock bombing in Afghanistan has inflicted on a long-traumatised and now-terrorised population.
@box text intr = The November 10 federal election is unlikely to change much in Australian politics. The choice of an ALP or Coalition government offers no choice to stop the war against the Afghan people or to free the refugees or to reverse more
I have sent hope to the scaffolding to find thescaffold and to the lake to find the onedrinkable cup but in truth had nointerest in such worthless purposes simplywanted hope away. It is such a round-facedscavenger an icon that never
The war on Afghanistan has had an enormous impact not only on the country itself but on the whole region around it, especially on neighbouring Pakistan. Reprinted here is an interview with Farooq Tariq, general secretary of the Labour Party Pakistan,
BY ROSA ELLEN, KATE LAHIFF & TERESA FOARD MELBOURNE — Fifty people, including many high school students, held a vigil outside the Maribyrnong detention centre on October 28. The vigil was organised by Princes Hill Secondary College students and
BY SARAH PEART BALLARAT — "Despite making a profit of almost a million dollars in the first six months of this year, Nestle has made the decision to close its Maryborough plant. This will directly result in the loss of 140 jobs and more than 500
SYDNEY - Ansett workers, anti-nuclear reactor campaigners and Socialist Alliance members were joined by 80 refugee rights activists at a demonstration outside the Liberal Party's election launch on October 28. Liberal loyalists were forced to run a


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