Hemp party attacked LISMORE — Thirty police officers descended on the Nimbin campaign headquarters of Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) on October 31. In a two-hour long siege, 10 armed police police searched the premises. One person was
SYDNEY — Leaving the Crocodile documents 25 years of the struggle for independence by Sydney's East Timorese community and national and international solidarity groups. Co-curator of the exhibition Manuel Branco, one of many East Timorese people
BY ANGELA LUVERA SYDNEY — "There is no excuse to postpone action against the war", Nurcan Kiyak told the Women Against War and Racism forum held in Parramatta on November 1. Kiyak spoke about the different forms of violence used against women
4, Free the Political Prisoners Alliance, Solidarity for the Acehnese People, SEGERA, human rights, Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence, KONTRAS"> INDONESIA: Acehnese leader speaks out at trial BY MAX LANE The trial (if it
BY SEAN HEALY If there is one issue more likely than any other to spell doom for rich countries' hopes at the World Trade Organisation summit in Qatar, it is Third World countries' access to vital medicines. Anger in the underdeveloped countries
The medium that got away By the time the first bombs dropped on Afghanistan in early October, thousands of images and millions of words had been fired in the US propaganda war. The purpose of these was clear: to "prove" that the US and its allies
A documentary about Indonesian factory workers who make theatre, produced and presented by Actively Radical Television November 10, 7pm, Tap gallery, cnr Burton and Palmer streets, Darlinghurst, Sydney Also music, wine, poetry and chat by Tim
BY ALEX BAINBRIDGE Few people could admire the morality of deliberately setting fire to someone's house and then locking all the doors and windows to prevent the occupants from escaping to safety. Neither action is justifiable by itself and both
BY EVA CHENG The protests against Bush's war on Afghanistan are growing in many parts of the world despite initial signs that some countries, especially the US, are seeking to respond to any civil disobedience with heavy-handed repression. In the
BY EVA CHENG Despite rhetoric to the contrary, the Bush regime has shown breathtaking disregard for the growing civilian casualties that its round-the-clock bombing in Afghanistan has inflicted on a long-traumatised and now-terrorised population.


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