BY JOHN PASSANT Disgracefully, shamefully and immorally, the Australian government is refusing entry to 438 mainly Afghan asylum seekers. All this is part of the campaign to re-elect Prime Minister John Howard. And the federal opposition Australian
BY DANIEL KELLY SYDNEY — Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) workers employed on the waterfront here held a stop work meeting on September 6 over concerns about workplace safety and government plans to replace them with casuals.
Blood drenched dreams danglingfrom the spikes of the razor wire —so close to freedom.Wild fearful eyes stareinto our collective consciousnessand sear our indifference.Batoned discipline enforcedby Wackenhut guards — Capitalism's storm troopers.
BY NORM DIXON More than five million workers, students and poor South Africans joined the August 29-30 national strike against the African National Congress government's privatisation plans, in what was clearly a massive success for the Congress of
BY CHRIS SMITH BEIT UMMAR, West Bank — As soon as the Israeli army jeep disappears around the bend, a dusty minivan emerges from the grape fields outside this farming town in southern West Bank. Revving the engine as he accelerates into the turn,
Reply to Bob Gould Having only read of Bob Gould's political role in the historical archives, I was surprised to receive the advice he offered (GLW #462). Gould claims that my reference to a Liberal/Labor consensus and the Socialist Alliance's
BY AHMAD NIMER RAMALLAH, West Bank — Israel's war against the Palestinian Intifada continues to escalate. On August 27, Israeli death squads assassinated a senior Palestinian political leader in his office in a residential neighbourhood. At
BY LAUREN CARROLL HARRIS A recent survey of 10- to 17-year olds, conducted by YouthSCAN, shows that the popularity of the world's most iconic clothing manufacturer, Nike, is dropping among Australian teenagers. Two years ago, Nike was popular
WOLLONGONG — The Socialist Alliance candidate for the federal seat of Cunningham, Dr Margaret Perrott, praised the young people who joined the high school walkout against the federal government's treatment of refugees on September 5. "These
BY GRANT COLEMAN Secondary students across the country took action in protest at the government's handling of the refugee crisis on the MS Tampa, taking part in school walkouts and rallies organised by the socialist youth group, Resistance. In


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