BY LISA MACDONALD On August 6, the United States' brutal sanctions on Iraq will have been in place for 11 years. The Socialist Alliance, along with the Worker Communist Parties of Iraq and Iran, and the Committee to Defend Iraqi Women's Rights, has
BY SEAN HEALY Many of the world's poorest countries are struggling to make even modest progress on reducing poverty, and there is now little chance that they will meet the United Nations Millennium Summit targets for poverty eradication and
BY SEAN MARTIN-IVERSON Michael Arnold (GLW #455) makes a very good case for drug legalisation as an alternative to "law and order" or "harm minimisation" strategies. Sadly, many people in the campaign for drug law reform have been pursuing
On July 26 a young African man suicided in Villawood detention centre by hanging himself with a bedsheet. He had arrived at Sydney Airport a day and a half earlier, and had his visa cancelled by immigration officials — he was given no explanation
BY JIM GREEN Australian government delegates played spoiler at the United Nations climate change conference, held in Bonn, Germany from July 16-23, where delegates from 180 countries met to finalise details on the Kyoto Protocol on reducing
BY JON LAND As campaigning for the Constituent Assembly elections slowly gathers momentum across East Timor, the installation of Megawati Sukarnoputri as Indonesia's new president has drawn a mixed response from East Timor's political leaders and
BY MARGARITA WINDISCH MELBOURNE — The July 16 killing of security guard Steve Rogers at the well-respected Fertility Control Clinic in Melbourne has once again catapulted the abortion debate into the public domain, reminding many how tenuous a
BY NIKKI ULASOWSKI SYDNEY — Organised around the theme, "Which way forward for women's liberation? Women of the world working together", the 2001 Network of Women Students Australia (NOWSA) conference held in Sydney on July 16-20 was attended by
BY ALISON DELLIT "Slowly, inexorably, attitudes towards the unborn, in all but the most ideologically inflexible, are changing to reflect our growing knowledge. That's not because of anti-abortion fanatics but because of undeniable science." —
BY JAMES VASSILOPOULOS GENOA — "Capitalism cannot be made to be more human, it must be overthrown", Ligue Communiste Revolutionnaire leader and Euro MP Alain Krivine told a rally of 2000 which preceded the mass mobilisation of 300,000 on July
BY STUART MARTIN PORT KEMBLA — Unions representing workers at BHP Steel have been angered by a decision by Serco to reduce staffing at a number of ambulance stations, including two 24-hour stations. Serco also plans to replace some stations
No bank closures! CANBERRA — Socialist Alliance activists held a speakout outside the Bunda Street branch of the Commonwealth Bank on July 27 to protest its closure. The action was the culmination of weekly Socialist Alliance campaign stalls
REVIEW BY PHIL SHANNON The Quarrel of the Age: The Life and Times of William HazlittBy A. C. GraylingWeidenfeld & Nicolson, 2000399 pages, $69.95 (hb) "Feculent garbage of blasphemy and scurrility", "loathsome trash", "disfiguring the records of
Nestles continue lock-out MELBOURNE — Multinational Nestles has continued it's lockout of 100 food process and maintenance workers at Echuca into the seventh week. The lockout is the result of an enterprise bargaining negotiation in which Nestles
BY JAMES VASSILOPOULOS GENOA — The repression unleashed on those who protested against the G8 summit here was the fiercest at any such protest to date: one person, Carlo Giuliani, was murdered iin Genoa, another was killed in unknown
BY LINDA WALDRON MELBOURNE — During the month of June, Melbourne was inundated with corporate self-promotion in the interests of developers, investors, big business and profiteers. The Melbourne City Council elections — for seven councilors,


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