BY ALISON DELLIT "Slowly, inexorably, attitudes towards the unborn, in all but the most ideologically inflexible, are changing to reflect our growing knowledge. That's not because of anti-abortion fanatics but because of undeniable science." —
BY MARGARITA WINDISCH MELBOURNE — The July 16 killing of security guard Steve Rogers at the well-respected Fertility Control Clinic in Melbourne has once again catapulted the abortion debate into the public domain, reminding many how tenuous a
BY ALISON DELLIT Since April, the north of England has been racked by street violence as Asian youths confront racist gangs in a desperate attempt to defend the safety of their communities. The riots have centered on the north-western towns of
BY ZANNY BEGG SYDNEY — The coalition which organised the May 1 blockade of the stock exchange has changed its name and its focus. Twenty members of the group, meeting on July 26, decided it was to time to change its name from M1 Sydney to
BY DAVE MURPHY DARWIN — Developers are seeking to move in on prime land which has for 30 years been the home of "long-grassers", a Top End term for those, mainly Aborigines, who live in the bush around Darwin. Railway Dam camp is one of several
No bank closures! CANBERRA — Socialist Alliance activists held a speakout outside the Bunda Street branch of the Commonwealth Bank on July 27 to protest its closure. The action was the culmination of weekly Socialist Alliance campaign stalls
BY JAMES VASSILOPOULOS GENOA — "Capitalism cannot be made to be more human, it must be overthrown", Ligue Communiste Revolutionnaire leader and Euro MP Alain Krivine told a rally of 2000 which preceded the mass mobilisation of 300,000 on July
BY IAN JAMIESON PERTH — Well used to causing controversy in the union movement, militant seafarer Chris Cain is unfazed by criticism of his recent decision to join the Socialist Alliance. "I've been looking around for somewhere to help
@box text intr = February 18: The London Socialist Alliance picketed the House of Commons in protest against the sanctions imposed on Iraq. March 29: Socialist Alliance members joined members of the Chinese community to rally against Blair's
BY JAMES VASSILOPOULOS GENOA — The repression unleashed on those who protested against the G8 summit here was the fiercest at any such protest to date: one person, Carlo Giuliani, was murdered iin Genoa, another was killed in unknown
REVIEW BY PHIL SHANNON The Quarrel of the Age: The Life and Times of William HazlittBy A. C. GraylingWeidenfeld & Nicolson, 2000399 pages, $69.95 (hb) "Feculent garbage of blasphemy and scurrility", "loathsome trash", "disfiguring the records of
BY SEAN HEALY What is clear after the Genoa G8 summit is that the world's rulers have made a conscious policy decision: it is time to violently repress the anti-globalisation movement. Many of the individual elements of the state terror employed