German Greens Since your paper didn't get much feedback on your provocative April 11 front page headline “German Greens betray anti-nuclear movement”, and the accompanying article, I better let you know what I thought of it. As an
BY FRANZ VANDERPUYE ACCRA — The campaign by individuals and non-governmental organisations to halt the government of Ghana's policy of privatising the water supply has been intensified, with the formation of the Ghana National Coalition Against
BY SEAN HEALY Swedish riot police have opened fire with live ammunition on anti-capitalist protesters, injuring three, one critically, in a desperate attempt to put down demonstrations in Gothenburg against a summit of European Union leaders. It
BY NICK FREDMAN LISMORE — The streets outside Lismore courthouse were enlivened on June 4 by chanting protesters, anti-corporate banners, and clouds of illicit smoke. The 200-strong crowd had gathered in solidarity with three people arrested for
Tens of thousands of teachers, public sector workers and students protested in the capital, Bogota, and most major cities on June 7 against budget measures agreed between the Colombian government and the International Monetary Fund. The
The raid by police on the Asia-Pacific Solidarity Conference in Jakarta on June 8, the brutal militia attack which followed it and the detention of 32 foreign participants has revealed two disturbing returns to the past. It has revealed that
BY IGGY KIM At the invitation of the United Auto Workers, a delegation of South Korean trade unionists visited the United States on June 1-8 to try to stop the sale of Daewoo Motors to US auto giant General Motors. The delegation was made up of
BY SARAH STEPHEN On June 14, a converted fishing boat, the Sea of Change, docked in Dublin, Ireland, its first stop in a pilot project to offer safe access to pregnancy terminations, family planning and contraception to women in countries which
[The following motion was passed unanimously by the Asia Pacific Peoples Solidarity Conference in Jakarta on June 7.] For the past 10 weeks workers and students in Melbourne have blockaded the Nike superstore in the central business district
BY MARIA VOUKELATOS SYDNEY — "What's disgusting? Union busting! What's outrageous? Sweatshop wages!", has been one of the lively chants ringing outside Nike's main Sydney store on George Street every Friday night. The Sydney pickets are
The raid by the police at an international conference in Sawangan near Jakarta on Friday [June 8], and the arrest of 40 of the participants, including 32 foreigners, was bizarre, if not disturbing to the conscience. You could be forgiven thinking
BY BRONWYN REES-ALLEN & LINDA WALDRON MELBOURNE — On June 8 a large contingent from the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU) joined 250 protesters outside the Nike superstore in Swanston Street. The presence of the militant union
BY JACKIE LYNCH MELBOURNE — In the same week that the Victorian Ombudsman cleared police of accusations of violence at last year's S11 protests, an activist who "pied" the Victorian premier has been sentenced to prison. Victorian Ombudsman
Joao Carrascalao, a cabinet member of the United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor, told ABC radio on June 4 that telecommunications carrier Telstra is spying on Timorese leaders' phone calls for the Australian government. Telstra
BY VIV MILEY & SUSAN PRICE Progressive forces from around the world spoke out and took action as soon as news of the police and militia raid on the international solidarity conference spread. In Canada, snap protests were organised across the
BY AARON BENEDEK TOKYO — Activists here are preparing to launch a Japanese chapter of ATTAC, Action for a Tobin Tax to Assist the Citizen, which calls for a tax on speculative capital flows. Thirty socialists, unionists and non-government


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