BY KERRYN WILLIAMS JAKARTA — "Since the police first arrived there was an increasing [number] of [militia] members and we predicted that after the police left, they would attack", said Yahgun, a member of the People's Democratic Party and one of
BY FRANZ VANDERPUYE ACCRA — The campaign by individuals and non-governmental organisations to halt the government of Ghana's policy of privatising the water supply has been intensified, with the formation of the Ghana National Coalition Against
BY SARAH STEPHEN  Ten years is the maximum penalty for escaping a detention centre and being “unlawfully at large” — and it is what faces Parviz Eftekhari, who escaped from Woomera detention centre on June 9. The escape followed a
BY GRANT COLEMAN PERTH — The Liberals have only just managed to hold on to the lower house seat of Nedlands in a by-election on June 9. Greens candidate Steve Walker came within 3.5% of stealing the blue-ribbon Liberal seat. The seat was
BY DANI BARLEY HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania — The headline on the front page read in big bold letters, "8.14 am. It was over". The US federal government has executed Timothy McVeigh, the man who committed the worst act of terrorism on US soil.
BY NICK FREDMAN LISMORE — The streets outside Lismore courthouse were enlivened on June 4 by chanting protesters, anti-corporate banners, and clouds of illicit smoke. The 200-strong crowd had gathered in solidarity with three people arrested for
The raid by police on the Asia-Pacific Solidarity Conference in Jakarta on June 8, the brutal militia attack which followed it and the detention of 32 foreign participants has revealed two disturbing returns to the past. It has revealed that
BY ALAN McCOMBES GLASGOW — It was the most spectacular vote for socialism in any Westminster election in the last 50 years. As hundreds of thousands of voters deserted New Labour, the Scottish National Party and the Conservatives, tens of
Corporate collapses: Make the rich pay BY ALISON DELLIT It has not been a good two months for the “old boys” of the elite Cranbrook School in the affluent Sydney suburb of Point Piper. Following the collapse of insurance giant HIH, 1976
BY STEVE MYERS For some years now, Russian presidents, Yeltsin and now Putin, have been unable to push a new labour code through the Duma, due to opposition by workers and fears within the Kremlin of a backlash. Putin failed in his last attempt
BY SARAH STEPHEN On June 14, a converted fishing boat, the Sea of Change, docked in Dublin, Ireland, its first stop in a pilot project to offer safe access to pregnancy terminations, family planning and contraception to women in countries which
BY MARIA VOUKELATOS SYDNEY — "What's disgusting? Union busting! What's outrageous? Sweatshop wages!", has been one of the lively chants ringing outside Nike's main Sydney store on George Street every Friday night. The Sydney pickets are