The US Central Intelligence Agency worked in tandem with Pakistan in the 1980s to create the "monster" that is today Afghanistan's ruling Taliban, Selig Harrison from the Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars said at a conference in London
BY JEREMY SMITH The Australian Vice-Chancellors’ Committee has released a new survey of post-secondary education demonstrating the effects of funding cuts on teaching. Overall the staff to student ratio for the industry has increased by 3%
BY BRONWEN BEECHEY The South Australian Liberal government believed that it was on a winner when it privatised the state's electricity supply. However, it now looks like the move will be a major factor in the government's defeat at the next state
BY SARAH STEPHEN  Public anger is mounting at the federal government's treatment of asylum seekers, following a May 26 raid on the Port Hedland detention centre and the arrest of 22 refugees singled out from a May 11 riot at the
health, hospitals, schools, education, state budget"> = Jails, private schools favoured in NSW budget Jails, private schools favoured in NSW budget BY JENNY LONG SYDNEY — NSW treasurer Michael Egan delivered the state
Ruddock 'greeted' NEWCASTLE — Federal immigration minister Phillip Ruddock attended a citizenship ceremony here on May 28. With only two hours notice, 20 protesters outside greeted the "Minister for Racism" outside the Town Hall. The
Big Brother Channel Ten 7-7.30pm Mondays to Fridays 9.30-10.30pm Thursdays 8.30-9.30pm Saturdays 7.30-8.30pm Sundays REVIEW BY ALISON DELLIT “It's just a game show”, said contestant Johnny to fellow contestant Sharna, in the
BY LISA MACDONALD SYDNEY — Chanting "Hands off workers' comp!", 2000 construction workers and their supporters brought lunchtime traffic to a halt as they marched through the city on May 29. The rally was smaller than originally expected due to a
BY ROWAN CAHILL A selective and mythologised account of the past draws young people to Anzac Day celebrations. The chief of the armed forces is the Australian of the Year. Parliament passes a bill enabling the military to be used domestically
“Don't you realize that I could have killed you ten times by now — your monkey boy bodyguards notwithstanding...” — anonymous. The hate-filled words heading this essay are from a bullying letter sent to an African-American student leader at
Socialist Alliance? It is quite obvious that, due to media bias and reactionary politics, terms such as socialism, communism, anarchy, green and left have been effectively discredited in the minds of a lot of people. The expression "Socialist
BY PAUL OBOOHOV BADJA FOREST — The South East Forest Rescue Squad of about 30 activists is blockading two roads, one of them recently bulldozed, to stop logging in the old-growth Badja Forest wilderness on the escarpment overlooking the NSW south