A British soldier loads his rifle and, with nervous steps, runs into the streets of an Irish town. Does he question his actions? Has he weighed up the rights and wrongs of using violence? When discussing morality in the struggle, the British
ARTHUR MURRAY is the chairperson of the Aboriginal Deaths in Custody Watch Committee. His son Eddie was killed in Wee Waa police lockup on June 12, 1981. Murray is on bail awaiting their appeal on February 26 against convictions for "riotous
By Norm Dixon Black education in South Africa is a state of collapse. Massive underfunding, desperate overcrowding, woeful facilities, a complete lack of textbooks, seriously underqualified teachers and government indifference have resulted in
By Pat Walsh Indonesia shot itself badly in the foot on November 12, when troops gunned down at least 100 East Timorese civilians outside the Santa Cruz cemetery in Dili. There have been many massacres in East Timor, starting with and
By Tracy Sorensen Are United Nations agencies in the Third World neutral providers of technical expertise, or do they follow a political agenda that may conflict with their stated goals? This question has been sharply posed in regard to the
By Kristian Whittaker and Sue Bolton CANBERRA — Last month, Aborigines briefly occupied the old Parliament House and issued a Declaration of Aboriginal Sovereignty "invoking our claim to all the lands of the territories of our ancestors".
By Jude McCulloch MELBOURNE — The publication by the Sun-Herald newspaper of a photograph of a police officer allegedly pointing a loaded gun at a 17-year-old youth's head outside a crowded railway station once again raises the question of
By Ben Ross "Capitalism needs the university as it needs the working class, but the university, like the working class, does not need capitalism." — Santiago Carrillo. The reorganisation of the Australian education system over the last
"Chonnohyup's main achievement is that it still exists!" This how Lee Young Soon, a leading figure in the Korean Trade Union Congress, or Chonnohyup, summed up the two years of employer and government repression it has experienced since the it was
By Norm Dixon Criminal charges were laid against Fiji Trade Union Congress (FTUC) general secretary Mahendra Chaudhry on February 7 under the provisions of repressive labour laws that came into force on October 31. Chaudhry was charged with


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