BY CHRIS SLEE MELBOURNE — Two hundred power workers and supporters gathered outside Nauru House on May 16, the first day of an Industrial Relations Commission hearing on Yallourn Energy's application for an arbitrated award that would take away
BY MELANIE SJOBERG At an ACTU conference in April unions representing workers employed by BHP decided to put aside demarcation differences to "walk arm-in-arm" against the hard-line industrial moves of BHP. On May 10 the Construction, Forestry,
BY FRED FUENTES MELBOURNE — Just two and a half years after the launch of Melbourne's first private university, Melbourne University Private (MUP), confidential university documents have revealed it is in financial crisis and could lose its legal
BY JON LAND The World Bank has been prominent in East Timor's transition to full independence - so prominent in fact that the country now faces a looming struggle about whether the institution's neo-liberal economic model, so renowned for the
BY SEAN HEALY Let's face it, there can be few things worse than being compared to the epitome of bland, consumer capitalism. So when someone within the movement, especially someone as prominent as Naomi Klein, compares it to everyone's favourite
Emma's NoseBy Paul J. LivingstonDirected by Neil ArmfieldBelvoir St Theatre, SydneyPlaying until June 24 REVIEW BY BRENDAN DOYLE One response to the doldrums into which Sydney theatre had lapsed was to say: okay, if the more or less well-known
BY ANGELA LUVERA SYDNEY — Angry at the imprisonment of asylum seekers in its detention camps, more than 150 protesters descended on the offices of Australasian Correctional Management offices early on the morning of May 17. The protest to "shut
BY RACHEL MASSEY US President George W Bush has canceled a health regulation that would have reduced allowable levels of arsenic in US drinking water from 50 parts per billion (ppb) to 10 ppb. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency
BY ANNA CHEN At 11am on May 18, as the clouds parted and the sun emerged (briefly), the Socialist Alliance launched its general election manifesto and unveiled its campaign slogan — People Before Profit — in front of Millbank Tower, Labour
Ignoring the devastating toll 30 years of reckless oil development has taken on Ecuador — particularly on the Amazon and its people — a consortium of multinational oil companies are poised to make the same irreversible mistake by moving ahead
BY ALEX BAINBRIDGE HOBART — Shipbuilder Incat has been forced by the Industrial Relations Commission to back off from attempts to impose on its workers the "choice" of a four-day week or 200 redundancies. Incat has a legally binding agreement,
BY JOHN PILGER The other day, I attended a conference at the University of Sussex on the "new imperialism". What was extraordinary was that it took place at all. Julian Saurin, who teaches in the school of African and Asian studies at Sussex, said