BY NORM DIXON May 1, the international day of solidarity with the struggles of the working class and the oppressed, was marked by millions of people around the world. In some countries, young militants inspired by the wave of mass
BY ALLEN JENNINGS & MICHAEL KARADJIS HANOI — Vietnam will stay firmly on a socialist path as it confronts the daunting challenges of economic reform and equitable development. This was the prevailing theme of the Ninth Congress of the Communist
REVIEW BY RICHARD PITHOUSE Live in New YorkBruce Springsteen and the E-Street BandSony Music Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band have released a new double live album that has achieved the unusual feat of winning extraordinary critical
"City workers and commuters were beseiged today as hundreds of anti-globalisation protesters attempted to blockade the Australian Stock Exchange, and took to the streets to march against what they claim to be 'corporate tyranny'. "The so-called
BY ALEX BAINBRIDGE HOBART — Months of hard work by organisers paid off on May 1 when hundreds of people participated in the largest anti-capitalist protest this city has ever seen. Organisers admit that even on the morning of the blockade, they
BY MAX LANE Contrary to many predictions circulating in Jakarta during the last few weeks, the Indonesian capital remained calm after the Golkar-Central Axis-led majority in the House of Representatives voted to censure President Abdurrahman Wahid
BY VANYA TANAJA DILI — News that Indonesia has formally agreed to set up an ad hoc tribunal to try those responsible for mass murder in East Timor around the period of the 1999 independence referendum was welcomed by Sergio de Mello, head of
BY JOHN PERCY On May 1, the Socialist Workers Party in Scotland joined the Scottish Socialist Party, an historic development creating a united socialist party in Scotland for the first time in generations. Tommy Sheridan, convener of the SSP, and
BY NORM DIXON For weeks before May 1, British Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair, London's mayor Ken Livingstone, the Metropolitan Police and the Britain's capitalist mass media relentlessly demonised and criminalised people intending to peacefully
The following greetings were received by the Democratic Socialist Party to be read out to the M1 rallies across Australia. They have been slightly abridged. Socialist Workers Party, Britain We would like to extend May Day greetings to you from
Early last month, family services minister Amanda Vanstone released a discussion paper calling for incentives for Australian women to have more children. The reason? At 1.75 births per woman of child-bearing age, Australia's fertility rate has fallen
BY JAMES CAULFIELD & STUART MUNCKTON CANBERRA — They say that this city is the place where anything can happen and usually doesn't. But, for once, on May 1, it did happen: the global anti-capitalist revolt hit Canberra. Three hundred people
BY KIM BULLIMORE Well-known Aboriginal scholar and academic Marcia Langton made the headlines when she told the Australian Education Assembly that she was paying "protection money" by sending her daughter to a private school to ensure she escaped
BY SEAN HEALY The mainstream media's coverage of the M1 protests outside the Australian Stock Exchange bore little resemblance to what really happened. Just as at S11 in Melbourne, most who took part would have been left wandering whether there
"I think M1 is a big step forward in saying that the problems that we see in society are not just isolated ones but are all linked together and the heart of the problem is the corporate system, capitalism, and that is what we are fighting against
Nice Cossacks "In fact, the modern use of horses, while deliberately visually intimidating, involves mainly sideways movement of the horses to jostle the crowd in the direction required." — the Sydney Morning Herald's chief right-wing crank


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