"Violence against women — it's against all the rules" is the name of the adverts broadcast on commercial radio and displayed on the back of buses on behalf of the NSW attorney-general's department. The campaign is targeted at young men and
BY JON LAND In the wake of the second round of negotiations between Australia and East Timor on the Timor Gap Treaty and the disputed seabed boundary, Australia's big business press are stepping-up its support for Canberra's push to deny East Timor
BY PASTOR VALLE-GARAY Pending US congressional approval, the White House's next ambassador to the UN will be a grey eminence of the United States' bloody Central America policy during the 1980s. In his obsession to destroy the Sandinista
Former Dead Kennedys' front man and candidate in the US Green Party's presidential primaries, Jello Biafra, has endorsed the World Bank bonds boycott campaign on his new spoken-word album, Become the Media. On the album, Biafra talks about the
Iraqi women Iraqi women suffer gender discrimination and oppression due to the implications of Iraqi family law and the policies of the Iraqi government. The UN's economic sanctions have also jeopardised living conditions and intensified women's
BY PIP HINMAN The International Monetary Fund is tightening the screws on President Abdurrahman Wahid to deliver on austerity measures in return for its US$5 billion bailout package. Following a review of Indonesia's neo-liberal economic reforms,
BY ALISON DELLIT If the mainstream media are to be believed, the ascendency of Natasha Stott Despoja to the leadership of the Australian Democrats, and of Aden Ridgeway to the deputy leadership, heralds a new era in Australian politics. Never has
Nike forced to close MELBOURNE — Corporate giant Nike's city superstore was forced to cease trading for more than an hour on April 27 after 100 protesters blockaded it for fifth Friday night in a row. Blockaders demanded an end to Nike's
“[M]illions of Americans will find their lives changed because [of] Bush's views on ... ergonomics.” — David Broder, the Atlanta Constitution, March 16, 2001 A subtle contempt is expressed by David Broder in his recent political commentary
Green Left Weekly's SARAH PEART spoke to Ricardo Navarro, chairperson of Friends Of the Earth International, who has recently been in Australia. Navarro is the first chairperson of FoEI from the Third World. What are some of the major environmental
BY MARIA VOUKELATOS SYDNEY — Students at the University of Sydney are outraged at an unprecedented move by the university administration to prevent activists from publicising a public protest, the May 1 stock exchange blockade, and have
BY RUSSELL PICKERING SYDNEY — With song, prose and reflection, 100 supporters of the Cuban Revolution jammed into the Newtown Edge Theatre here on April 21 to commemorate the 40th annivesary of the Cuban people's defeat of the US-backed Bay of
BY BILL MASON BRISBANE — Four prisoners who had sought to prevent Queensland Police from taking compulsory DNA samples have had their legal bid dismissed in the Supreme Court on April 27. They plan to appeal. The prisoners' argued that they
Three Days of RainBy Richard GreenbergSydney Theatre CompanyWharf Theatre, Walsh Bay, SydneyUntil May 13 REVIEW BY MARK STOYICH The southern belle makes a welcome return to modern US theatre in this mid-'90s play by prolific New York playwright
Actively Radical TV — Sydney community television's progressive current affairs producers tackle the hard issues from the activist's point of view. CTS Sydney (UHF 31), every Sunday, 9pm. Ph 9565 5522. Visit <http://www.channel31.org> for
BY JENNY LONG SYDNEY — More than 1500 workers, led by Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union members, and supported by unions affiliated to the NSW Labor Council, marched to state parliament on April 27 to protest against the state Labor


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