BY PAUL BENEDEK  SYDNEY — In the days following the escape by 14 refugees from the Villawood detention centre on March 26, more than 50 homes of people who had visited detainees were raided by officers from the Department of
BY ALISON DELLIT "When I see people on TV who are starving, I just cry. I mean, I'd like to be that thin but not with all the flies and death and stuff." — Singer Mariah Carey, 1998. Mariah Carey's sympathy for the hungry did not generate calls
BY ANDREW HALL CANBERRA — Canberra Hospital and community care nurses again protested on March 27 as the stand-off with the ACT Liberal government and the independent health minister Michael Moore continued. Australian Nursing Federation (ANF)
BY NORM DIXON The protest action by rank and file Papua New Guinea Defence Force soldiers — described by the Australian capitalist press as a "mutiny" — came to an end on March 26. Following assurances that the PNG cabinet would abandon plans
BY NICK SOUDAKOFF DARWIN — The M1 Alliance here launched its May 1 blockade of the Northern Territory Chamber of Commerce on March 23, drawing an overwhelming response from passers-by when they asked them to vote for who they thought should be
BY LAUREN CARROLL HARRIS SYDNEY — High school students played an integral role in the organisation and co-ordination of last year's S11 (September 11-13) protest outside the Crown Casino in Melbourne, when 20,000 people mobilised to shut down the
BY VIV MILEY The student association at the University of Technology, Sydney is embroiled in a legal wrangle with the university administration and is facing an uncertain future. The 2000 student association (SA) elections were declared
BY MATT RICH MELBOURNE — On Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology's city campus, the Global Action club, which is building the May 1 (M1) protest at RMIT, is campaigning against the corporatisation of education. Only two of the RMIT
BY NOREEN NAVIN SYDNEY — One thousand people packed into a meeting at the Marrickville high school hall on March 29 in response to plans by NSW Premier Bob Carr's Labor government to close the school. The walls were lined with posters, banners
BY EVA CHENG Chinese vice-premier Qian Qichen paid a rushed and urgent visit to Washington, DC, on April 18-24, deeply concerned that US President George W. Bush's next two major foreign policy decisions may turn out unfavourably for the People's


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