Mythical Past, Elusive Future: History and Society in an Anxious Age By Frank Furedi Pluto Press, London and Concord, Mass, 1992 Reviewed by Ian Bolas Reason, progress, change — the words are rarely spoken today without an apologetic
There will be protests against the arrival of two French warships in Sydney on February 23 and 24 to celebrate the arrival of the explorer La Perouse in 1788. Further details are available from the Sydney Peace Squadron, phone (02) 316 5790.
By Sean Malloy More than 20,000 people will be attending the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in June. While this major international conference reflects worldwide concern, there are
By Pat Brewer Green parties and electoral alliances around Australia could soon face the alternative of giving up much of their autonomy to a national structure or losing the right to use the name Green in election campaigns. This
By Peter Boyle Labor, Liberals and even Australian Democrats are now calling for some reduction in migrant intake. The Liberals also propose to deny migrants welfare benefits for two years after their arrival in Australia. Opposition
By Vivienne Porzsolt The outcome of a case currently before the Human Rights Commission in Canberra could have a huge impact on the status and welfare of women. "For women's health and women's health centres, the consequences could be
By Miguel D'Souza The movie Boyz 'n' the Hood has brought the realities of black America to all who have seen it. Director John Singleton has created a picture of the struggle to survive in Amerikkka that is chilling in its portrayal of the
By Ian Powell WELLINGTON — The newly formed Alliance of progressive third parties continues to perform extraordinarily well in opinion polls, suggesting that this new formation is likely to turn the country's two-party system into a
By Chawki Salhi ALGIERS — The Algerian establishment has responded to the victory of the fundamentalist Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) in the first round of the legislative elections by cancelling the second round and setting up a military
By Norm Dixon Five Australian government ministers visiting Papua New Guinea have demanded, and received, strong assurances that the government there will step up "internal security" to protect the investments of Australian big businesses.
No crap "Let's not waste time with a lot of propaganda crap about the national interest. The bottom line is he's running for president to protect his own private interests." — Gabby Villareal, lawyer for Philippines presidential candidate
120,000 tertiary places are missing By Simone Siracusa and Alex Bainbridge MELBOURNE — Around 120,000 students eligible for higher education will not be offered places in universities and colleges because of government funding cuts. For
By Sally Low 1992 was supposed to be the year when one huge prosperous market would emerge in western Europe — a market that would lay the basis for giant European companies to match the US and Japan as the most successful exploiters of the
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — With the massacre of real wages since the new year, labour unions in Russia and the other republics of the former Soviet Union are facing the toughest test in their recent history. The response by union officials
By Steve Painter The onset of recession has brought a surge of very dishonest, demagogic politics in the big business media. Greens, Aborigines and immigrants are the main targets of this politics of cynicism. "If today a political party is
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — As Russians gasped for breath after their first weeks of price liberalisation, how did they rate their government and its policies? Opinion polls in Moscow and St Petersburg have now provided some of the answers.


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