Debts By Stefo Nantsou Zeal Theatre, Civic Playhouse, Newcastle, February 17 & 18 Reviewed by Frank Razmovski Stefo Nantsou's play of corporate and political corruption sketches the past 30 years of Australian history as an epic cartoon
By Bronwen Beechey MELBOURNE — Environment groups, local councils and residents have reacted angrily to a February 3 "options paper" by the Coode Island Review Panel nominating six possible sites for relocation of the hazardous chemicals
Comment by Alan A. Parker Two million new jobs needed by the year 2000? Yet, a report prepared recently for the Victorian premier predicts 10% unemployment until then unless major changes are made. The underlying problem is that Australia's
By Stefan Skibicki and Bernie Brian WOLLONGONG — Members of the Liquor Trades Union (LTU) and Transport Workers Union (TWU) working in the canteens at BHP's Port Kembla steelworks have voted to remain on strike indefinitely over plans by
By Kevin Healy The tax department this week make a ruling — it's called draft ruling 72 — dealing with profits from outside the normal course of a company's business. Now, quite fairly, business has always declared these profits as capital
Socialism: past and future By Michael Harrington NAL/Dutton. $9.95 Reviewed by Craig Brittain It was characteristic of Michael Harrington that when he learned he was dying of cancer in 1988, he began to write what he knew would be his last
By Peter Boyle "One could argue that in 20 years we could pay off the foreign debt if we didn't have an immigration program", said Australian Democrat leader and official immigration spokesperson, Senator John Coulter. It may not sound like
By Tom Flanagan HOBART — The February 1 Tasmanian state election, in which the Liberal Party increased its primary vote by 7.4% to 54.3%, has implications for greens and other progressives working towards an ecologically sustainable and
By Petar Delyan More than 10,000 people of Macedonian descent rallied in Melbourne on February 1, calling on the federal government to recognise Macedonia's declaration of independence from Yugoslavia. On February 2, up to 8000 attended a
ACT candidates The "election fever" gripping the ACT rendered comatose a large part of the 200 people gathered to hear election candidates on February 4. Most of the independents aped the Labor and Liberal candidates, showing that they, too,


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