Residents act against sand mining By Tracy Sorensen Residents of Diamond Beach, a small town near Taree, have begun a petition campaign against a development application for sand mining by the Mineral Deposits company (a subsidiary of BHP
Transport curfew for Adelaide By Liam Mitchell ADELAIDE — Some suburban transport services are to be dropped and others savagely slashed, according to plans released recently by SA transport minister Frank Blevins. Unions and commuters
Green information for government The Government Purchasing Project in the United States, founded by Ralph Nader, wants to hear from groups and individuals about innovative ways to make government a "green" consumer. It would like specific
By Leslie Cagan Stepped-up US pressure on Cuba and the increasing desperation of the island nation's economic situation are prompting a surge in solidarity organising around the US. New groups are forming specifically to work for an end to
Alternative to the 'red-back and funnel-web' By Greg Adamson CANBERRA — Democratic Socialist Party candidate Lara Pullin made an impact in her first week of campaigning for the ACT Legislative Assembly elections on February 15. The
Labor's economic statement The Labor Party left was on the right track with its call last week for increased public spending to create employment in the coming February 26 economic statement. A delegation consisting of Senator Bruce Childs and
Sex discrimination laws fall short Australian sex discrimination laws do not adequately protect women and in some cases even reinforce traditional sexist stereotypes, according to a federal parliamentary report. The Discussion Paper on the
The torture of detainees in Indonesia, especially during the first days of detention, is not exceptional. In politically unstable regions like Aceh, East Timor and Irian Jaya (West Papua), torture is routine. These are the conclusions of a
By Fiona McCrossin The south-east old growth forests of NSW in 1969 were the first large area of Australian forest to be allocated to export woodchipping. Since then, national park gains in the region have been concentrated in the unloggable
Mythical Past, Elusive Future: History and Society in an Anxious Age By Frank Furedi Pluto Press, London and Concord, Mass, 1992 Reviewed by Ian Bolas Reason, progress, change — the words are rarely spoken today without an apologetic


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