East Timorese solidarity activists in Australia have condemned federal government attempts to maintain control of large parts of East Timor's oil-rich seabeds, accusing it of being “still greedy for blood money”.  In an October 27
LAHORE — Ten labour leaders have been charged with breaching the peace, sedition and making provocative speeches against the military government. The police charges against them follow a public meeting held on October 18 by Rail Mazdoor Itehad
When I began work a year and a half ago, I went to see the storeperson to get my clothing allocation. He said to me, "I don't think they make work clothes in women's sizes", so I took my clothing issue in men's cut. After a safety incident, where a
The Persian Gulf state of Qatar has taken back its invitation to host the next ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organisation. The last ministerial meeting, in Seattle, US, collapsed in part due to massive demonstrations which disrupted its
BY GEOFF FRANCIS HOBART — Tasmania's Huon Valley has a population of only a few thousand people, but it is set to become the scene of one of the largest environmental struggles in this state since the campaign against the Franklin Dam in the
BY JONATHAN STRAUSS It seems that the federal government believes some apparent abuses of government expenditure should be public knowledge, while others should not. The provision by Peter Reith, now employment and workplace relations minister,
Committed "Although we do not feel responsible for this regrettable event, we are committed to help clear up what happened." — Cervesur beer company manager Carlos de la Flor commenting on the irreparable damage done to a 500-year-old stone
HANOVER — Germany's Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS) held its seventh congress in the town of Cottbus, in former East Germany, on October 14-15. The party drew a balance sheet of its 10 years of existence, elected a new party chairperson and
In the last issue of GLW, the photo accompanying the article"Unions protest against UWS merger" identified the speaker as Robyn Moroney. The speaker was, in fact, Janice Baker from the Community and Public Sector Union.
The Bougainville Revolutionary Army (BRA) has expressed "grave concern" at the announcement by the Australian government that military aid to the Papua New Guinea Defence Force (PNGDF) will be boosted by $10 million, on top of the present annual
BY BEN COURTICE MELBOURNE — Workers at the Brownbuilt furniture factory in Huntingdale are entering their sixth week of being locked out by their employers. The workers, members of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union, imposed minor work
The environmental campaigning organization ELEMENT will launch its national "It's easy being green" campaign with 10 hours of entertainment featuring 16 of Sydney's best alternative acts, including Insurge and Sub Base Snarl. "Our aim is to provide