BY ZANNY BEGG SYDNEY — Seven hundred people turned out to support indigenous rights in protests coinciding with the September 15 opening ceremony of the Olympic Games — but in two seperate venues. A rift between the Aboriginal Tent Embassy
BY KARL MILLER "Quake" is a phenomenally popular shoot 'em up computer game. The designers included the capability for users to create "mods" or modified versions of the game. "Political Arena" is a satirical mod written specifically for the US
BY SIMON BUTLER Nike is the world market leader in sports shoes. Its profits amounted to US$965 million in 1999. This huge figure in part flows from the sales generated from the vast volume of advertising Nike subjects the planet to. But mostly,
The United Nations Millennium Summit has been marked by the frequent expression of noble sentiments and lofty goals. Fewer have been the concrete measures proposed to reach those goals, and even fewer the leaders willing to point the finger at those
BY SUSAN PRICE MELBOURNE — The Media, Arts and Entertainment Alliance (MEAA) announced on September 14 that it would support its members taking legal action against the Victoria Police for its use of violent tactics during the September 11-13
The United Nations has selected Havana, the capital of Cuba, to host next year's World Environment Day. The choice acknowledges revolutionary Cuba's outstanding achievements in the protection of the environment. The announcement was made on
BY JON LAND When news of the killings in West Timor of workers from the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) by pro-Jakarta militia reached Prime Minister John Howard, he acted quickly to show support for the Indonesian government
BY TIM GOODEN GEELONG — A picketing worker at the Godfrey Hirst factory here had his ankle crushed when a manager reversed a forklift through a crowd of protesters on September 13. Members of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union and the
BY CAMERON BROWN NEWCASTLE — Sixty people staged a picket outside a McDonald's restaurant on King Street here on September 11, in solidarity with S11 protesters blockading the World Economic Forum in Melbourne. While passers-by and many
BY PETER BOYLE Thousands of activists from the mass social movements of the last three decades joined with younger activists in a massive show of strength at the S11 blockade. It was a profoundly empowering event that revitalised faith in "people's
SYDNEY — This exhibition of Chris Wyatt's paintings focused on the massacre of Aborigines at Myall Creek in NSW in 1838 is the artist's "contribution to the reconciliation debate and to reaching a clearer understanding of the unacceptable situation
If you relied on media like the Age and the Sydney Morning Herald for coverage of the S11 protests, you wouldn't have seen images like these (both papers are members of the WEF). The blockaders stood firm against assaults by police and the