By Bronwen Beechey MELBOURNE — The Australian Workers Union has claimed that the health of fruit pickers is being endangered by uncon- trolled use of the pesticide parathion, and is demanding action from the Victorian government to end its
By Brenda Preuss Since the early 1980s, educational decision making has increasingly been taken out of the hands of educators and put into the hands of government and corporate bodies. This has led to the new vocationalism of the 1990s — a
By Barry Healy MELBOURNE - Active members and delegates from the Public Sector Union in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra held a national con- ference here on January 26 to discuss problems facing public servants and map out a strategy against the
Life's tough "If ever I felt a sense of victory, it was that day when the last bird was taken off alert ... We understand the realities, but there's bound to be a letdown as the reductions come into force." — US Colonel George Sakaldasis,
Challenging stereotypes According to the producers of The Famine Within, a US documentary film to be released in Australia this month, the average 5 foot 8 inch Miss America contestant weighed 132 pounds in 1954 and 117 in 1980. The producers
By Ray Fulcher MELBOURNE — A decision to campaign around the Kangaroo '92 military exercise, the aerospace exhibition and the Cape York space base was adopted by around 60 peace activists attending the Campaigning Against Militarism
White workers on South Africa's railways (Transnet), traditionally some of the most conservative and racist in outlook, are starting to join the predominantly black South African Railway and Harbour Workers' Union. SARHWU is affiliated with the
By Peter Boyle MELBOURNE — On January 28, the day Greenpeace released a videotape of a large and rare reef endangered by an ocean sewer outfall due to begin operation at the famous Ninety Mile Beach in Gippsland, hundreds of dead penguins
By Jack Colhoun The Olin Corporation shipped the last of 15 mercury cells from its closed chlor-alkali plant in Niagara Falls, N.Y., to the Electroquimica Pennwalt, S.A. (ELPESA) plant in Managua, Nicaragua, in early December. The closed
By Norm Dixon South African President F.W. de Klerk has urged Israel to rapidly acquire the state arms manufacturer, Armscor. The Southscan news service reported recently that this was the main reason for de Klerk's visit to Israel last


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