SYDNEY — The following statement is being circulated by anti-racism activists for endorsement by individuals and organisations around Australia. Those gathering for the assembly on September 15 at the Tent Embassy Peace Keeping Camp,
BY SEAN HEALY& MELANIE SJOBERG MELBOURNE — Victorian Trades Hall Council has confirmed that its labour rights rally, scheduled for September 12, the second day of protests against the World Economic Forum, will march to the WEF's Crown Casino
Misinformation on S11 leaked A briefing paper on the planned S11 protests, prepared by one of the world's largest public relations firms, Hill and Knowlton, has been leaked to Melbourne Independent Media Centre. The paper, marked "Highly
Since the island nation of Cuba experienced its successful revolution in 1959 its prison system has been evolving. Despite accusations of harsh human rights abuses from its neighbours to the north, Cuba today maintains a prison system that is in many
Exceptions make the rule "I don't think Australians will ever so far lose their common sense as to elect stupid people." — PM John Menzies Howard explaining in the August 23 Age why the new military powers legislation us unlikely to be abused by
SAN FRANCISCO — The flying public is angry at United Airlines, the largest airline in the world. The company has cancelled almost 9000 flights between May and October. Most cancellations have occurred while passengers were already at the airports
Little more I can do "Look at your correspondence list and make some judgment calls." — Claude McCann I am sure that one-time Death Row Unit Manager Claude McCann will be pleased to know that his covert violations of my First Amendment right
Suharto avoids court Students protesters who led the mass actions which toppled former President Suharto two years ago reacted with anger and disgust at his failure to show up on the first day of his corruption trial on August 31. Suharto's lawyers
BY GREG HARRIS You used to hear, "I had this friend who won umpteen hundred thousand dollars for almost nothing in a lottery syndicate". In the past year it has more likely been, "I had this friend who got involved in an internet company and made
UN Human Rights Commissioner Mary Robinson suggested that the Australian government had acted "in an over-defensive way" by cutting cooperation with the United Nations human rights committee system. That seems a diplomatic euphemism. This government
BY OWEN RICHARDS SYDNEY — The roar of traffic along Parramatta Road in Auburn did not silence 70 spirited protesters gathered outside the Nike factory-warehouse on September 1. The protesters, organised by Resistance, heard speakers decry
The following is abridged from an August 28 statement from the Worker Communist Party of Iraq (WCPI) in Kurdistan. On August 26, [in Iraqi Kurdistan], the armed forces of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan arrested Azad Ahmed, a leading member of the