Networker: Negative for capitalists Negative for capitalists Investment guru Warren Buffet is used to making large sums of money for investors in his Berkshire Hathaway company. At the company's annual meeting at the end of April he announced:
Memo — Re: Globalisation Over there, people live in garbage tips. Over there, you work for next to nothing. Over there, life is cheap. The root problem over there is (a) there's too many of them over there, or (b) they're not over here.
PACIFIC: 'We want to be nuclear free and independent' The failure of another United States missile test at Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands highlights the folly of the new arms race in space, notes the Suva-based Pacific Concerns Resource
SYRIA: Baath Party renounces socialist agenda The ruling Syrian Baath Party held its ninth convention on June 17 to appoint Hafez al-Assad's oldest surviving son, Bashar, as its new general secretary, thus paving the way for his official election
At least one protester was killed, more than 100 were injured and 57 were arrested when Indonesian security forces attacked an 800-strong protest in South Sumatra on July 20. The detainees were beaten in jail. The action was organised by the National
EAST TIMOR: The meaning of reconciliation DILI — On July 19, an Indonesian investigation team arrived here to interview witnesses to the worst atrocities that took place from April to September last year. These include the Liquica massacre in
SYRIA: al-Assad junior ascends the throne HOMS — Syria's government-imposed 40 days of mourning for President Hafez al-Assad came to end on July 20. During that period, I was told, brides were forced to wed in black by the Syrian police. Most
Correction In the article "UN report shows poverty grinds on" in Green Left Weekly #412, there was a typing error in one of the dates. The sentence in question should have read: "The distance between the incomes of the richest and poorest country
Union activists around Australia have decided to launch Unionists Against Corporate Tyranny (UACT) to unite and mobilise worker activists in a campaign against the global system that institutionalises massive wealth for the tiny few and inequality
The following is abridged from an interview with Cuba's President FIDEL CASTRO conducted in January by former UNESCO director general Frederico Mayor Zaragoza. The full text of the interview was published last month in Cuba's Granma newspaper.
Pie workers get the union of their choice BY SUE BULL GEELONG — It took four days of lost pay for Beaumonts Pies and Cakes workers to get their union recognised by the boss. But they all reckon it was worth it. The workers had joined the food
As two of its warships docked in the east Javanese port of Surabaya on July 20, the administration of US President Bill Clinton made official its re-establishment of military ties with Indonesia, after a temporary suspension during last year's