World Bank gives go-ahead The World Bank board on June 6 approved a controversial plan to build an oil and gas pipeline from southern Chad, in central Africa, to the coast of Cameroon. The pipeline is a joint venture between oil
BY CHRIS SPINDLER MELBOURNE — Some three weeks after winning the ballot, Craig Johnston was on June 9 confirmed as the new Victorian state secretary of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union. Johnston was delayed from taking office by court
Caught greed, bowled Satan “In a moment of stupidity and weakness I allowed Satan and the world to dictate terms to me.” — Hansie Cronje, sacked as South African cricket captain after admitting to taking money from a bookmaker.
WINDSOR, Ontario — On June 4, 3000 people demonstrated against a meeting of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Windsor, Ontario.  The OAS, which is based in Washington, involves the heads of state of all countries in the
Fijian community leader calls for democracy's restoration BY GRAHAM MATTHEWS BRISBANE — “Fifty two homes have been broken into. Families are fleeing into the bush. Cattle are being slaughtered and police vehicles are being used for
Forum: Sri Lanka bans 'talk of peace' BY JAMES VASSILOPOULOS CANBERRA — Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga has “banned talk of peace and for the first time in Sri Lankan history if you criticise the president, laws are used
A Month in the CountryBy Brian Friel, after TurgenevSydney Theatre CompanyDrama Theatre at the Opera HouseUntil July 15 Review by Mark Stoyich Three examples of recent translations of foreign classics have given Sydney audiences a chance to see how
Asbestos scare in Parramatta BY OWEN RICHARDS SYDNEY — The Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union has banned construction work on the old David Jones site in Parramatta here after discovering asbestos. CFMEU state secretary Andrew
"The only solution I can see is to hold a series of long and costly negotiations in exotic locations, in order to put off finding a solution", reads the caption of a Climate Action Network (CAN) cartoon lampooning the 12th session of the
New DSP branch warms up for Olympic protests BY DANIEL JARDINE SYDNEY — Given mainstream media hype seeking to convince Sydneysiders that the Olympics would be a golden time for everyone, a forum on “Why the Olympics won't benefit
SERBIA: Students lead anti-Milosevic protests Isolation, skyrocketing poverty, unemployment rates of almost 70% and an infrastructure devastated by NATO's bombing last year has left Serbia in a worse state than its notoriously poor neighbour
HANOVER, Germany — Scientists have found evidence that genes used to modify crops can jump the species barrier and cause bacteria and even fungi to mutate. One aim of Expo 2000 in Hanover last month was to popularise GM (genetic
MANILA — On June 9, some 3000 Moros (an ethnic group in the Philippines) from 45 villages in Metro Manila held a prayer-rally at the Maharlika village in Taguig. The rally was hosted by the Pagragn National Movement, a new coalition of Moro
Teachers strike, plan more action BY ALEX ROBINSON BRISBANE — Queensland's teachers struck for 24 hours on June 14 in support of demands by the Queensland Teachers Union for an 8% per year pay rise, decreased class sizes and more resources for
By Sibylle Kaczorek DARWIN — On June 2, artist Dadang Christanto's exhibition titled “Reconciliation” was opened with a powerful performance and installation. Christanto, who was born in Indonesia in the late 1950s, uses simple
Defying warnings from Jakarta, the week-long Papuan People's Congress ended on June 4 with a declaration that West Papua was no longer part of the Republic of Indonesia. The congress was extended for a day because of debates over the wording of


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