MELBOURNE — Free from corporate sponsorship and government control, 3CR brings the community social justice radio with integrity. They have tried to sue us, investigate us and to keep us quiet but 3CR prevails because it is the uncensored and
Ford wins greenwash award Ford Motor Company has won Corporate Watch (US)'s Earthday 2000 Greenwash Award, for the transnational corporation which best managed to bury its polluting record under mountains of "environmental" advertising and public

Wollongong students say no to internet fees BY CHRIS LATHAM WOLLONGONG — In the second such demonstration in a week, 100 Wollongong University students marched on the administration offices on May 24 to demand progress on a log of claims and

The role of the International Monetary Fund in determining economic policy in Indonesia came under the spotlight after the 1997 economic crisis. In the wake of the crisis, the Suharto, Habibie and then the Wahid regimes surrendered virtually all
BY JORGE JORQUERA MELBOURNE — The World Economic Forum (WEF) will hold its Asia Pacific Economic Summit here on September 11-13. Hundreds of top corporate executives and political leaders will meet to discuss the global implementation of
BY CHRIS SPINDLER MELBOURNE — Refusing to accept the outcome in an election for Victorian state secretary of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union, the backers of defeated incumbent Julius Roe have obtained a court injunction preventing the
The following speech by SHEMAL ALI from the Worker Communist Party of Iraq (WCPI) was presented to the 120 participants at the May Day toast at the Granville Town Hall on May 6, jointly sponsored by the Sydney west branch of the Democratic Socialist
International news briefs Sri Lankan left demonstrates against the war COLOMBO — On May 25, 3000 people participating in a demonstration called by the People's Liberation Front, the Nava Sama Samaja Party (NSSP) and the Muslim United Liberation
Letter from Ethiopia I hesitate to attempt an analysis of the hostilities between Ethiopia and Eritrea, but, from the day the conflict began two years ago, I have watched with growing horror the waste of tens of thousands of young lives only nine
Kurdish refugees in Turkey need help The International Federation of Iraqi Refugees has called on the United Nations High Commission for Refugees to cease its stalling on granting refugee status to thousands of people who have fled from Iraqi
BY ANA KAILIS PERTH — Recently, the Western Australian branch of the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) decided to discontinue the appointment of Sarah Harris to its delegation to the WA Trades and Labor Council (now known as Unions WA).
NT minister in denial BY ANDY GOUGH AND DAVE MURPHY DARWIN — Country Liberal Party MP Chris Lugg labelled the stolen generations "a fraud contrived by Aboriginal activists and their supporters and legal advisors" for the purpose of "obtaining