National Textiles workers address students Sacked workers from the National Textiles factory at Rutherford spoke to students and staff at the University of Western Sydney's Werrington campus on February 17. The workers said that Stan Howard's top
US unions call for amnesty for immigrants The executive council of the United States' main labour confederation, the AFL-CIO, has called for an amnesty for an estimated 6 million workers who have entered the country illegally. In addition to an
Experience He "adds considerable depth and experience to the company's aspirations." — Lindsay Fox on the appointment of former ACTU head Bill Kelty to the board of Linfox. Brothers in arms "If Blair is not extreme, then nor is Haider ... [I]
By Susan Price SYDNEY — This year's International Women's Day (IWD) march and rally here will be open to all supporters of women's rights following a decision by the organising collective on February 22. Since the early 1980s, the impact of
Indonesian students enter a new phase of struggle By Simon Butler The mass anti-government protests of May 1998, which forced President Suharto to resign after 32 years of dictatorial rule, were largely led by students. The student movement
Indonesia: Kong Tai workers protest By May Sari JAKARTA — Having failed to gain satisfaction from their employer or the Indonesian government, thousands workers from PT Kong Tai Indonesia protested outside parliament here on February 21. The
Teaching English in East Timor DILI — English language teacher and solidarity activist JACKIE COLEMAN spent January working at the Maubere Cultural Institute (MCI) in Dili, East Timor. Her visit, on behalf of Action in Solidarity with Indonesia
On March 8, the World March for Women 2000 will be launched in 146 countries. The WMW 2000 aims to highlight the issues of women living in poverty and violence against women. CATHIE PICCONE, the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
By Caroline Hawker HOBART — On February 23, Resistance organised a protest outside Salamanca Inn, where immigration minister Philip Ruddock was holding a meeting to "consult" the public on the government's migration and humanitarian programs.
Fighting for women's rights in Indonesia By Bronwyn Powell and Susan Austin Under the Suharto regime, feminism in Indonesia was stifled and progressive women's organisations banned. Now, with more democratic space opening up, women are again
By Melanie Sjoberg Australia is wonderful. You had better believe it. Not only do we have the Olympics and Academy Award nominees, Australia has the largest number of share owners in the world. Forget Crown Casino, we are on the hottest
Shell fined for safety breaches By Chris Spindler GEELONG — The Shell oil company has been fined a total of $225,000 for six breaches of Victoria's health and safety laws in 1998 at its plant near here. The inadequacy of the fines is clearer
By Jon Land DILI — Walking through the streets of the capital of East Timor, one thing is very evident: the reconstruction of East Timor is taking place at a snail's pace. The only buildings that appear to be repaired in any significant way are
Art as a weapon for people's liberation By Kath O'Driscoll and Melanie Bull In Yogyakarta a young busker with an old guitar stands in front of a wall adorned with graffiti of a large pig-like Suharto, his song calling people onto the streets.
Next door I guess things have finally settled down next door. Next door? Indonesia. Looks like there won't be a military coup after all. I beg yours ... The standoff between General Wiranto and President Wahid has been resolved and
Indonesia — struggling for democracy and justice By Kerryn Williams During the first two weeks of February, 11 Australian solidarity activists took part in a student exposure tour to Indonesia. We met with activists from various sectors and


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