How long does it take to change a child's mind? The Cuban government has published, as a new booklet titled How long does it take to change the mind of a child?, a round table discussion with psychologists and other specialists reflecting on the
By Marina Carman There's nothing like the announcement of a government-sponsored national youth week to make a young person proud and happy — at least that's what David Kemp, the minister for education, training and youth affairs, is hoping.
By Sue Boland To convince voters that harmful policies will be "good" for them in the long run, politicians need to create the impression that they are honest and trustworthy, and that they are concerned about people's suffering. Politicians do not
Judging gender Women appointed to the judiciary by Peter Beattie's Labor government in Queensland were there due to their gender, not their merit, former High Court chief justice Sir Harry Gibbs implied at a function at Brisbane's Supreme Court
By Tamas Krausz BUDAPEST — Hungary's right-wing government refuses to take serious action over the environmental destruction resulting from the cyanide contamination from the Romanian mine spill, which is being described as "Hungary's Chernobyl".
Deckhands fight for jobs By Robert Darcy SYDNEY — Two hundred tugboat deckhands and their supporters gathered at Circular Quay on February 17 to protest efforts by Adsteam, the country's largest tugboat operator, to cut crew numbers from four
On February 7, Israel launched a devastating series of bombings against civilian areas in Lebanon, which injured 17 civilians and destroyed three major electrical power plants. The Israeli air strikes followed a series of successful military actions
By Michael Bull MELBOURNE — Building unions' campaign for a 36-hour week and a 24% pay rise entered a dangerous new phase on February 16, when union job delegate Colin Reddie was bashed outside his workplace. Reddie, a member of the Construction,
In 1976, and again in 1981, Malcolm Fraser's Liberal government attempted to cut tertiary education funding, replace TEAS (the precursor of Austudy) with a loans scheme and reintroduce up-front fees. Student opposition on numerous campuses fed into
Mardi Gras launched By Jen Crothers SYDNEY — The annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras was launched on the steps of the Opera House on February 11. After a colourful dance piece which made a dig at the Olympics, hosts Julie McCrossin and
The following is abridged from an open letter written by Juan Miguel Gonzalez, father of Elian Gonzalez, to US attorney-general Janet Reno and US Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) commissioner Doris Meissner on February 14. It was
By Allen Myers PHNOM PENH — The Cambodian government is now awaiting the arrival of a team of United Nations legal experts to continue discussions on UN participation in a trial of former leaders of the Khmer Rouge (KR). This follows a "positive"
Government villainy Three acts of government villainy within a week show just how far the government's vicious drive against undocumented refugee arrivals has gone — and how much we must do to stop the government in its tracks. First, on
By Chris Slee YALLOURN — Unions are maintaining a protest camp outside the Yallourn power station in Victoria's La Trobe Valley, despite the February 9 ending of the month-long lockout of maintenance workers. The issues in dispute have not been
The following speech was presented as the opening address to Marxism 2000 conference, held in Sydney in January, by Cuba's consul to Australia, MARIA LUISA FERNANDEZ. The five-day conference, which was organised by the Democratic Socialist Party and
Teachers warn of strike action By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Queensland teachers are considering industrial action, including strikes and work bans, over a stalled agreement on wages and conditions. The state Labor government has refused to


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