Adelaide — Connie 8268 3346 or Kathy 8231 6982
Brisbane — Karen 3846 5074
Canberra — Resistance will be travelling to the Sydney rally, phone 6247 2424
Darwin — Lari 8981 4714
Hobart — Kamala 6234 6397 or Sue 6234 7007

Art of Resistance
The art of Resistance paints the town reda carpet lining the streets for angry mourners to march onblood red of the butchers, Suharto, Habibie, Howard, Evansa list too long to read in three decades;it creates a collage of people,

Ecuador's President Jamil Mahuad was ousted late January 21. The country's defence minister and head of the military Carlos Mendoza removed Mahuad after the president refused to resign earlier in the day. In a series of rapid developments provoked by

Put Pinochet on trial!
CANBERRA — Members of the Canberra Chilean community and other solidarity activists protest outside the British High Commission on January 17 against the decision by the British government not to extradite former dictator

Networker: Modernising
Today ships are criss-crossing the oceans of the world, laying fibre-optic cables to meet the expected gigantic demand for communication services in the early decades of this century. New networks in the United States and

Jailed activist on hunger strike in Peru
Lori Berenson, a United States activist serving a life sentence for treason in Peru, launched a hunger strike on January 11, the fourth anniversary of her jailing. She is demanding to be transferred to

Unions to fight hospital privatisation
By Troy Saxby
NEWCASTLE — The Newcastle Trades Hall Council voted unanimously on January 18 to launch a campaign against the privatisation of any part of the Mater Hospital. The Sisters of Mercy, who run

By Raul Cienfuegos
MELBOURNE — US Latin America analyst James Petras spoke here on January 12 about the "pillage" of Latin America by the imperialist powers of North America and Europe. Petras is a professor of sociology at the State University

By Max Lane
The commander-in-chief of the Indonesian armed forces (TNI), Admiral Widodo, has met President Abdurrahman Wahid to assure him that the TNI is not planning a coup. Other key generals have given the same assurances in the wake of strong

Protesters demand release of Iraqi prisoners
By Paul Benedek and Susan Barley
SYDNEY — Forty people demonstrated at Greece's consulate here on January 19 to protest against the ill-treatment of 69 asylum seekers detained in the Greek island


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