Cubans demand 'Bring Elian home!' By Gilberto Firmat ATLANTA — Elian Gonzalez is at the centre of what has become the bitterest dispute ever between Cuba and the United States. He was found on November 25, Thanksgiving Day, floating in an
Write on: Letters to the editor Refugees in 'jails' Refugees at the Villawood Detention Centre in Sydney's south-west are living in conditions similar to jails. They are housed in rooms no bigger than cells, with inadequate leisure facilities and
Forums on this topic will be organised by Resistance on all major campuses during March. How well does Marxism explain the world today and help us understand how to change it? This forum seeks to answer this and many related questions. Is the
Australia nightmare for asylum seekers Australia: nightmare for asylum seekers By Anthony Brown BRISBANE - Kurdo is not his real name. Like the other asylum seekers at the Refugee Claimants Centre in West End, you don't reveal their identities
Environment, Capitalism and SocialismDemocratic Socialist PartyPreface by Dick NicholsResistance Books, Sydney, 1999210 pp., $15.95 (pb)Available from all Resistance Bookshops (see page 2)or order by mail (see advertisement on page 7) Review by Sean
By Steve Myers Many commentators are saying that the replacement of Boris Yeltsin by Vladimir Putin, as acting president of Russia, represents a "new millennium turn" in Russian politics — a turn to a more assertive, nationalistic and militarist
Can Howard put the feminist genie back in the bottle? Between 1900 and 1910, an average of 400 divorces were granted in Australian courts each year. Between 1961 and 1970, that figure averaged around 9000 per year. No-fault divorce laws were
The following is a statement, being distributed by the Democratic Socialist Party, in support of the BHP workers in the Pilbara. We, the undersigned, extend our support and solidarity to striking workers at BHP Pilbara in their action to defend the
Oppose union busting at Greenpeace Greenpeace Canada (GPC), with an annual budget of more than $7 million, is on a drive to bust the union of telephone and door canvass employees. The phone canvass department raises an estimated $250,000 for GPC,
CFMEU court challenge to award stripping By Jonathan Singer The mining division of the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) has challenged the stripping of conditions from awards contained in the 1996 Workplace Relations Act
Adelaide — Connie 8268 3346 or Kathy 8231 6982 Brisbane — Karen 3846 5074 Canberra — Resistance will be travelling to the Sydney rally, phone 6247 2424 Darwin — Lari 8981 4714 Hobart — Kamala 6234 6397 or Sue 6234 7007 Melbourne
Ecuador's President Jamil Mahuad was ousted late January 21. The country's defence minister and head of the military Carlos Mendoza removed Mahuad after the president refused to resign earlier in the day. In a series of rapid developments provoked by