A special issue This is the last issue of Green Left for 1991. We've expanded it by eight pages and included a range of features to provide interesting reading for the holiday period. Our next issue will be the one dated January 20.

By Ramon Orozco HAVANA — Roberto Robaina Gonzalez is, at 35, the youngest member of the Cuban Communist Party Politbureau. He is travelling to Barcelona to take part in the exhibition "The image of Cuba. This is how we are." Roberto Robaina is

By Peter Annear MOSCOW — "As economic laws operate, it is very difficult to work out what laws are governing the defence of labour" under the new "democratic" system, says Mikhail Nagaitsev, vice-president of the Moscow Federation of Trade

Just received It didn't arrive in time for us to review it in this issue, but Left Face looks like the sort of book readers could profitably pore over during their holidays. Subtitled Soldier Unions and Resistance Movements in Modern Armies, it

Comment by Julia Perkins The protests to stop Aidex, held from November 23-28, achieved a lot of publicity and some important successes. Media coverage of the protests and preparations helped to persuade a number of large companies not to

By Sally Low MOSCOW —As ordinary Muscovites prepare for a winter of shortages and soaring prices, the city's "democratic" administrators, led by Mayor Gavriil Popov, are busy positioning themselves to prosper under new free market conditions.

By Peter Boyle California-based political satirist Dave Lippman is best known as Dr George Shrub, the world's only known singing CIA (Committee to Intervene Anywhere) agent. "The rest", he says, "are secret so that you never know the song you are

The following open letter was written by ANICA RADOVIC-OSTOJIC to the principal commander of the Serbian-dominated "Yugoslav federal army", General Veljko Kadijevic. It was published in the October 4 issue of the Croatian newspaper Slobodna

The following is an abridged text of a talk given to a public meeting in Melbourne on November 21 by KATHY BROZOVIC, a member of the Croatian Coordinating Committee and the Croatian Feminist Movement. The war in Croatia is being waged by the

By Reihana Mohideen According to a December 6 New Zealand National Business Review poll, the alternative parties Alliance led by the NewLabour Party is now ahead of both the old Labour Party and the conservative National Party in the polls. The


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