By Dick Nichols and John Tognolini SYDNEY — In evidence before the New South Wales Independent Commission Against Corruption, it has emerged that state coroner Kevin Waller advised Detective-Inspector Aarne Tees, investigator of the Hilton

Untruth in advertising "People are going to buy the cheapest products available and we just can't compete with countries like China, which use slave labour." — Australian Made executive director Norm Spencer explaining the Buy Australia

By Edna Ross Recently in the British Guardian political journalist Hugo Young wrote: "Argument about the substance of politics is almost at an end. The essential contest now lies between different claimants to superior management of the status

Following are major excerpts from a statement on the Dili massacre adopted by representatives of University Student Senates throughout Java. Indonesian students who are members of the Communications Forum of Student Senates throughout Java used

By Angela Matheson BERLIN — Step off the train at Bahnhof Zoo in downtown Berlin for a taste of the new Germany, where gangs of broad-shouldered youth clad in jack boots, jeans and swastika insignia mill on the platform, picking their victims.

By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — In the space of a few weeks from mid-December, the Russian Federation is to make a crash transition to an open, deregulated market economy. This shift will crown the Russian government's program of economic "reforms",

The first issue of a national newsletter to promote and coordinate the Cuba Solidarity Campaign was published last week. The newsletter will be produced by the campaign's National Steering Committee, chaired by Victorian Senator Barney Cooney, and

An unbreakable link Events around the world are demonstrating more clearly than ever the unbreakable link between issues of social justice and the big environmental questions that will determine humanity's survival. From the Darling River to

U2 works in mysterious ways Achtung Baby U2 Polygram Reviewed by Camilo Jorquera and Stephen Bavaro U2's latest album indicates a frame of mind that is not part of the old U2 caricature — serious and bleak. That image was never accurate

Censorship of the war in Croatia By Peter Boyle In late November, Tom Solyuk, news director for SBS Radio (2EA and 3EA) prohibited the use by the news bureau of all telephone news reports from Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia-Hercegovina and news


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