Great for kids In the Rainforest By Kathie Atkinson Part of Allen & Unwin's My Animal Books series Reviewed by John Tognolini I enjoyed reading Kathie Atkinson's In the Rainforest to my 19-month-old daughter. Atkinson's fine colour
Making Waves: The Greenpeace New Zealand Story By Michael Szabo Reed. 264 pp. NZ$49.95 Reviewed by David Robie The surprise capture of French frogman Gerald Andries, one of the alleged saboteurs of the Rainbow Warrior, once more threw
Counterproductive violence My activity at the AIDEX protest was rendered inadequate by an ulcer flare up. This was the result of internal conflict. The conflict was caused by a minority of fellow protesters who did not seem to understand that
By Peter Annear MOSCOW — Mayor Gavriil Popov did not relish the choice of a new KGB chief for Moscow by the city's elected government, the Moscow Soviet, so he ignored its decision and, without any legal authority, appointed his own nominee, a
For supporters of democracy, equality and ecological sustainability, 1991 was a mixture of setbacks and steps forward. From the Gulf War to the massacre of East Timorese by Indonesia troops, in Dili, the past year has thrown up many tasks for the
By Steve Painter The United States and British governments have rejected Libyan government proposals for the World Court or another independent international tribunal to investigate charges against two Libyan nationals over the 1988 Lockerbie
By Edna Ross Recently in the British Guardian political journalist Hugo Young wrote: "Argument about the substance of politics is almost at an end. The essential contest now lies between different claimants to superior management of the status
By Dick Nichols and John Tognolini SYDNEY — In evidence before the New South Wales Independent Commission Against Corruption, it has emerged that state coroner Kevin Waller advised Detective-Inspector Aarne Tees, investigator of the Hilton
Untruth in advertising "People are going to buy the cheapest products available and we just can't compete with countries like China, which use slave labour." — Australian Made executive director Norm Spencer explaining the Buy Australia
Following are major excerpts from a statement on the Dili massacre adopted by representatives of University Student Senates throughout Java. Indonesian students who are members of the Communications Forum of Student Senates throughout Java used


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