By Arthur Gietzelt For the left in particular and ordinary people, there is not much "light on the hill' these days. The vision splendid that characterised the early socialist struggles has been dashed by the collapse of state socialism in the

Mr Lucky — John Lee Hooker Pointblank/Virgin That's My Story — John Lee Hooker Fantasy/Festival Damn Right, I Got The Blues — Buddy Guy Silvertone/BMG There Is Always One More Time — B.B. King MCA/BMG Reviewed by Norm Dixon Racism,

By Henke Rumbewas While the Australian and other western governments have expressed condemnation of the recent massacre in East Timor, our foreign minister, Senator Gareth Evans insists that such shootings are "not the policy of the Indonesian

Understanding Telecom By Tom Jordan SYDNEY — Having recently lost her job, Maureen Houlahan finds it increasingly difficult to make ends meet. Paying off her heavy mortgage is hard enough but when the Telecom bill turned up she knew she

Doing good: The Australian NGO community By Laurie Zivetz and others Allen and Unwin, 1991. 288 pp. $24.95 (pb) Reviewed by Indigo Williams The Third World needs our assistance. We in Australia are able to contribute through government and

A short story by Craig Cormick The O'Neill family had just sat down to dinner when the angel rang the front door bell. Neil O'Neill, with his knife and fork poised over his first plate of casserole and gravy, frowned and looked at his wife, Mary.

By Peter Annear MOSCOW — "As economic laws operate, it is very difficult to work out what laws are governing the defence of labour" under the new "democratic" system, says Mikhail Nagaitsev, vice-president of the Moscow Federation of Trade

Just received It didn't arrive in time for us to review it in this issue, but Left Face looks like the sort of book readers could profitably pore over during their holidays. Subtitled Soldier Unions and Resistance Movements in Modern Armies, it

A special issue This is the last issue of Green Left for 1991. We've expanded it by eight pages and included a range of features to provide interesting reading for the holiday period. Our next issue will be the one dated January 20.

By Ramon Orozco HAVANA — Roberto Robaina Gonzalez is, at 35, the youngest member of the Cuban Communist Party Politbureau. He is travelling to Barcelona to take part in the exhibition "The image of Cuba. This is how we are." Roberto Robaina is


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