By Karl Miller In early November, a seventh grade Texan class was asked to write a "scary" story. One student read his story out to the class. The teacher awarded the student a mark of 100%. Later that day, the school staff informed the district
By Bronwen Beechey ADELAIDE — On January 7, the South Australian police, on government orders, broke up a protest camp of Arabunna people and their supporters outside Government House on North Terrace. Police arrived at the camp at 6am, removed
Port Kembla Hospital protest WOLLONGONG — Twenty-five angry protesters confronted Colin Markham, the MLA for Wollongong, on January 14 demanding that the accident department at Port Kembla Hospital remain open. The closure has been
By Maire Leadbeater AUCKLAND — A new group, Justice for Asylum Seekers, has been formed here to agitate against the scandalous treatment of those seeking refuge from persecution. The inspiration for the group's formation was the hunger strike by
Write on: Letters to the editor East Timor Marcus Larsen's latest on East Timor (GLW #388) at least has the merit of displaying Larsen's unspoken assumptions. How, he demands, can the Democratic Socialist Party call for armed intervention in East
The Australasian Federation of Tamil Associations (AFTA) on January 6 expressed its shock and grief at the murder of Kumar Ponnampalam, a human rights lawyer and general secretary of the All Ceylon Tamil Congress, a political party in Sri Lanka. He
Mahathir cracks down on Malaysian opposition The Malaysian government has begun an attack on opposition groups. The United Malays National Organisation/National Front government of Prime Minister Mahathir is arresting leaders of opposition groups
The sound of the United States' future By Norm Dixon California is infamous for the 1991 bashing of black motorist Rodney King and the 1992 Los Angeles "riot" — in reality a spontaneous uprising — that was triggered when the cops responsible
Visas denied to Marxism 2000 guests By Sean Healy SYDNEY — Three international guests scheduled to speak at the Marxism 2000 conference in Sydney in January were denied entry visas to Australia. Another guest was granted entry only after public
Woman forced to return to Iran An Iranian woman fearing persecution for making "pornographic" films in her home country has lost her attempt to stay in Australia. The Federal Court has dismissed her appeal against an earlier decision to refuse her
A scientific guide to revolution Fundamentals of Historical MaterialismBy Doug LorimerResistance Books, 1999216 pp., $12.95Available at all Resistance Bookshops, or write to PO Box 515, Broadway NSW 2007. Review by Chris Slee Historical
Court affirms: Brander is still racist By Stan Smith ADELAIDE — The South Australian Supreme Court has reaffirmed an earlier court decision that Michael Brander is a "racist in the worst sense". This is despite its January 12 ruling partially
By Russell McGilton MELBOURNE — When you have that feeling that maybe you shouldn't go to work today, perhaps you should act on it. You could save a limb or even your life. Jason Carter would most likely agree. The 19-year-old apprentice had his
By Barry Sheppard SAN FRANCISCO — The Battle of Seattle, the days of protest in December against the World Trade Organisation, has focused many people's minds on global inequality and "corporate capitalism" and inspired many to join the struggle
By Tom Flanagan SYDNEY — Opposition is rising among public servants in New South Wales to a pay offer made by the state Labor government. The pay deal is being put forward as an agreement between the NSW government, the Public Service Association
Keeping us safe from marauding queue jumpers Welcome back. Didyahavagoodone? We sure did — me, the partner and sprogs. Made all the right moves and spent the preceding period stretched out like a lizard drinking. On a beach no less. Happy little


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