By Philippa Stanford "The flag comes down over this consul just as it will come down all over East Timor", shouted one protester as Indonesian officials hastily lowered the flag at their Perth consulate during a protest on November 15. Angry

By Teresa Dowding HOBART — Royal commissioner William Carter released his long-awaited report into the attempted bribery of Labor MP Jim Cox by Tasmanian media magnate Edmund Rouse on November 5. Rouse had tried to bribe Cox with $110,000 to

By Peter Boyle MELBOURNE — Community Aid Abroad worker Bob Muntz was still in shock as he turned up for his first press conference since he arrived back in Australia from Dili, where he was one of several foreigners who witnessed the November 12

By Norm Dixon Aid organisations, solidarity groups and others supporting East Timor's right to self-determination have severely criticised the Australian government's weak stand on the Indonesian army massacre of mourners in East Timor [see page

By Satendra Prasad SUVA — Police have begun another round of repression against civil rights activists campaigning against Fiji's racist 1990 constitution. Members of the Fiji Youth and Students League (FYSL) and several trade unionists went

A dangerous world order Since the Lockerbie air disaster in 1988, United States investigators have variously accused Iranian- and Syrian-based terrorists of responsibility for the crash of the Pan Am jumbo with the loss of 270 lives. Now, US and

By Paul Thompson and Ray Fulcher The Stop Aidex Campaign has opened an office in Canberra in preparation for major protests during and prior to Aidex '91, the biggest armaments exhibition ever held in the southern hemisphere. The office is

Economics lesson "Profit is a good thing, it is a source of employment, living standards and jobs for Australians. So companies have therefore got to make profits, got to make profits to invest. They've got to grow. There's nothing wrong with

By Sally Low and Peter Annear PRAGUE — Czechoslovakia's lustrace or political screening law came into effect on November 5. Even if the constitutional court, which has not yet been established, rules that the law should be amended or annulled,

By Peter Boyle Bob Hawke's November 14 "agenda for jobs" statement actually offered very little to the country's more than one million unemployed. Looking suspiciously like an attempt by Hawke to recreate happier days, it was a largely empty media


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