Recently a group of artists planned to hold a concert in the Croatian city of Dubrovnik under the title Stop the war in Croatia. Invited to address the audience was STEVAN DEDIJER, a prominent Serbian intellectual. (His brother Vladimir is quite well
By Helen Jarvis This week our friend Kamal Bamadhaj became the seventh foreigner to die in the war in East Timor. Five journalists were killed in October 1975 by advancing Indonesian troops, and a sixth, Roger East, was murdered, together with
In Warsaw, Professor TADEUSZ IWINSKI, a member of the Central Executive Committee and International Secretary of Social Democracy of the Republic of Poland, spoke with PETER ANNEAR. Are you pleased with your vote in the election? We regard our
Philippines logging companies, together with sections of the military, are suspected of involvement in the murder of an environmental activist, Father Nery Lito Satur. Father Satur, a parish priest from Valencia in Mindanao, was killed on October
By Bill Mason BRISBANE — The plot has thickened in the continuing Joh Bjelke-Petersen trial saga with revelations in state parliament on November 13 that a former associate of the infamous Queensland police corrupt "rat pack" had snooped on
SA unemployment rate rises By Liam Mitchell ADELAIDE — The unemployment rate in South Australia rose from 10.5% to 10.7% for the month of October — an increase of 1400 people out of work — taking the total number of unemployed in the
By Peter Annear and Sally Low PLZEN, West Bohemia — Most people know this Czechoslovakian town by its German name, Pilsen, famous as the producer of one of world's finest lagers: Pilsner Urquell. It was, in fact, already a thriving burgher town
Conservation Council opposes WA mine By Leon Harrison PERTH — The WA Conservation Council is preparing to fight the development of the proposed Marandoo iron ore mine in the Hamersley Range National Park. The council says mining would destroy
Jobs and productivity It is rather hypocritical of the ACTU to call on the federal government to act to relieve the unemployment situation and then to collaborate with the employers and the IRC to introduce enterprise bargaining. Enterprise
By Carla Gorton PERTH — Despite the uncertainty that Perth community radio station 6RTR FM (previously 6UVS FM) faced at the beginning of 1991, it is finishing the year off in style. The station launches into a week-long radiothon on
The oldest profession By Janet Fraser Outsiders who come to Paddington often assume that any flashily dressed man on the street is a real estate agent. "Even my father's been approached. It's foul", says Andrew Powell, a 19-year-old student.
Rebuilding Zimbabwe By Camilo Jorquera In Zimbabwe, a unique human process is taking place though the Organisation of Rural Associations for Progress (ORAP), a village-based movement which seeks a return to indigenous values and structures to
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — The savage free-market "reforms" of Russian President Boris Yeltsin are certain to encounter large-scale, organised worker resistance. This was clear by the afternoon of November 7, following the largest and angriest
By Peter Boyle MELBOURNE — Community Aid Abroad worker Bob Muntz was still in shock as he turned up for his first press conference since he arrived back in Australia from Dili, where he was one of several foreigners who witnessed the November 12
By Philippa Stanford "The flag comes down over this consul just as it will come down all over East Timor", shouted one protester as Indonesian officials hastily lowered the flag at their Perth consulate during a protest on November 15. Angry
By Teresa Dowding HOBART — Royal commissioner William Carter released his long-awaited report into the attempted bribery of Labor MP Jim Cox by Tasmanian media magnate Edmund Rouse on November 5. Rouse had tried to bribe Cox with $110,000 to


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