Yugoslavia and history By Michael Karadjis Jerome Fitzgerald ("Write on", GLW #348) correctly points to the importance of history and the need to get our facts right. Unfortunately, he repeats some common views on the conflicts in Yugoslavia
By Sue Boland Prime Minister John Howard's campaign against the dangers of heroin has focussed almost exclusively on advocating tougher law and order policies rather than treating drug-use as a health issue. "Zero tolerance" policing is Howard's
Community Legal Centres resist restructuring By Graham Matthews BRISBANE — On March 8, about 50 community legal centre (CLC) workers, management committee members and supporters attended a public meeting to hear an explanation of the federal
By Wendy Robertson Within days of leaking its proposal, the Coalition has introduced voluntary student unionism legislation into parliament. The move provoked widespread anger amongst students, who overwhelmingly reject VSU. In response, the
After having been postponed due to rain a week earlier, the International Women's Day march went ahead in Adelaide on March 13, reports Jo Ellis. Three hundred women and men rallied in support of the march's main demand, that anti-abortion laws be
5000 rally for the WA forests By Marcel Cameron Perth — Five thousand people marched on Parliament House on March 9 to demand an end to the logging of old-growth forest in WA. The lively protest was called by the WA Forest Alliance, an umbrella
By Ryan Liddell SYDNEY — The National Children's and Youth Law Centre has released a booklet on high school rights. The kit, Know Your Rights at School, was funded by the Law Foundation of NSW and covers students' rights in 10 different areas,
Tas Uni VSU debate HOBART — Fifty people attended a fiery debate about "voluntary student unionism" at Politics in the Pub at the University of Tasmania bar on March 10. Anti-VSU speakers Nikki Ulasowski from Resistance, Chris Heppel from the
Beckett's back to haunt us Burnt PianoWritten by Justin FlemingDirected by Richard WherrettBelvoir Street Theatre, SydneyFrom March 9 Review by Brendan Doyle The danger of having a monumental dramatist like Samuel Beckett as a major character in
Plumbers' union campaigns for increased apprentice wages By Vannessa Hearman A year ago the Plumbing Division of the Communication, Electrical and Plumbing Union (CEPU) lodged a wage claim with the Industrial Relations Commission to increase
The truth about Lucas Heights By Dr Jim Green A spokesperson for the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) confirmed on March 10 that there had been a series of "mishaps" at the Lucas Heights nuclear reactor over the last
Family values Alabama-style Feel like a little mechanical stimulation? If you're in the mood in Alabama, in the United States' deep south, lock the doors, turn the lights out, get under the covers and try to keep the noise to a barely audible moan.
A short story by Dave Massey 6am: Home. That bloody clock, it's happened again! $8 at a garage sale was not money well spent. 6.20am: The street. Mounting those steps into the bus, sometimes I feel I'm stepping into the abyss. "How's it going"?
Actively Radical TV — Sydney community television's progressive current affairs producers tackle the hard issues from the activist's point of view. CTS Sydney (UHF 31), every Thursday, 10pm and Saturday, 7pm. Ph 9565 5522. Access News —
Resistance and repression continue in Kurdistan By Norm Dixon The Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) has responded to the abduction of its leader, Abdullah Ocalan, by vowing to escalate the struggle for national self-determination. This was the
By Sonny Melencio MANILA — On February 19, I went to the Las Pinas Post Office to claim a package sent by the Australian publishers of Links, an international theoretical journal for socialist renewal. When the person in charge opened the


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