By Norm Dixon The brazen February 15 abduction of Kurdish rebel leader Abdullah Ocalan in Kenya by a squad of armed, balaclava-clad Turkish commandos has been greeted with fury by Kurds throughout the world. While all the details of the operation
By Jon Singer A confidential paper by employment minister Peter Reith, revealed on February 17, shows that the Howard government's recent claim that a 5% official unemployment rate is possible is based on pursuit of wage cuts, especially among the
By Jon Land Tens of thousands of East Timorese marched through the streets of their capital city Dili on February 16. They were accompanying the coffin of 25 year-old Benedito de Jesus Pires, who was killed during an incident involving a
Immediately after the February 17 demonstrations in Sydney and Melbourne last week calling for the release of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) leader Abdullah Ocalan (see article page 14), newspaper editors began pumping out the same line as that
Socialists: 'Migrants don't cause unemployment' By Paul Benedek PARRAMATTA — The Democratic Socialists will be standing two candidates in Sydney's western suburbs in the March 27 NSW state election. Shane Bentley, 27, will contest the seat of
Love's Labours Lost? "This is a very classic, almost Shakespearean story." — Alan Glueckman, who wrote the lyrics for a musical based on the Clinton-Lewinsky affair. The march of something-or-other "It is not possible to judge whether there
By Ana Pararajasingham The Australian government's "historic shift" in policy to recognise East Timor's right to self-determination was a factor forcing Indonesia to consider granting East Timor political autonomy, or even independence. Similar
NY cops kill African: 'zero tolerance' in practice By Norm Dixon The body of Ahmed Diallo arrived home in Conakry, the capital of the west African country of Guinea, on February 14, accompanied by his grieving parents. Ten days earlier, Diallo's
By Wendy Robertson According to Karl Marx, capitalism is a system based on the debasement, enslavement and exploitation of the majority by the few. Marx provided a scientific analysis for the struggle for human liberation, and a method to make
Kurds come from Kurdistan Dem damn Kurds. 'Tis a terrible thing what they done. 'Tis gettin' so you can't trust any of 'em. You let 'em in and they go bite the hand that feeds. Don't they know they're guests here? Obviously not. — We expect


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