By Stan Thompson
ADELAIDE — The state government is set to give the go ahead for an expansion of the uranium mining industry in South Australia, with final approval pending for the Beverley and Honeymoon mines. The government was due to make a

By Erin Killion and Wendy Robertson
On November 21, National Union of Students delegates, office bearers and observers gathered in Campbelltown for the 1998 NSW branch conference. "It was a joke" said Alison Dellit, a Resistance member and delegate

'Costa Rica has been invaded by mining companies'
GABRIEL RIVAS DUCCA, from Costa Rica, has been supporting local communities in their fight against open-cut mining. He was in Australia to participate in conferences hosted by Friends of the Earth.

Behind the 'gumboot dance'
Rishile Gumboot Dancers of SowetoRishile Gumboot Dancers of SowetoLarrikin/Festival Review by Norm Dixon
Within hours of touching down at Johannesburg airport, tourists on package tours to South Africa find themselves

By Aziz Choudry
CHRISTCHURCH — The New Zealand government is the chair of APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) for 1999. We are now entering a period of hard sell for the government and business leaders who support APEC's goal of a "free"

Stop uranium mining!
The World Heritage Bureau's condemnation of the proposed uranium mine at Jabiluka is a slap in the face for the Howard government and its plans for the uranium industry in Australia.
The UN mission's finding that the mine is

By Shane Bentley
NEWCASTLE — The November 21 Newcastle by-election was more memorable than most. Things started out quietly enough while I was handing out in Cooks Hill for the Democratic Socialist candidate, Geoff Payne. Then the politicians

By Anna Weekes
JOHANNESBURG — The British Labour government has become involved in the privatisation of South African water. Just weeks before a water privatisation contract with British transnational Biwater was to be sealed, British trade and

The Keening
We are the women and childrenOf the men that mined for goldHeavy are we with sorrowHeavy as heart can holdGalled are we with injusticeSick to the soul of loss — Husbands and sons and brothersSlain for the yellow dross!
We are the

Around the country, Resistance members are helping to kick off organising meetings for next year's International Women's Day marches, rallies and festivals. International Women's Day is the biggest, most radical annual feminist event in Australia.


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