Native title win in Kimberley
PERTH — In the first successful native title claim on the mainland, the Federal Court has recognised the Miriuwung-Gajerrong people's right to their land in the east Kimberley.
The traditional owners won the right

This week in history
December 1, 1854: Eureka Stockade
Tens of thousands of miners in the Ballarat gold fields, burdened by high mining licence fees and a corrupt and brutal administration, and incensed at the jailing of unlicensed diggers,

Workers jeer PNG PM over budget
By Norm Dixon
On November 24 in Port Moresby, 2000 angry trade unionists jeered Papua New Guinea's prime minister, Bill Skate, when he appeared to accept a petition from protest organisers. The workers, mobilised

By Dick Nichols
[This is an edited version of an address to the ACT Politics in the Pub on the subject of "Privatisation in the ACT".] I'll be tackling the issue of privatisation as someone who, as secretary of the combined unions committee at

GLW library appeals for books
By Dave Holmes
SYDNEY — Ready access to the right materials is crucial for a cooperative venture like Green Left Weekly, no less than for the big capitalist dailies. And for all the increasing importance of the

Union calls for inquiry on mine conditions
ROSEBERY — The Australian Workers' Union has called on the new Tasmanian Labor government to hold a public inquiry into mining conditions on the state's west coast. Green Left Weekly's JULIA PERKINS

Women and revolution
By Lisa Frankland and Emma Murphy
In Australia today women are told (and many believe) that we have achieved full equality. Oh yeah? Why, then, are women still paid an average of 67% of the male wage, and why are our looks

Malaysian democracy activist arrested
By Khatijah Abdullah
KUALA LUMPUR — Tian Chua was at a thankyou party for volunteers of the Asia Pacific People's Assembly on November 21 when news reached the gathering that a pro-reform demonstration had

By Sean Healy
The Malaysian government has taken a further repressive step with the arrest, on November 21, of Tian Chua, the chairperson of the Coalition of People's Democracy and a member of the human rights group SUARAM. Tian Chua was dragged

Combined Unions Choir song book launched
BRISBANE — Two hundred people packed into Paddington Workers Club for the Queensland Combined Unions Choir's 10th anniversary concert on November 7. Highlights of the performance included the hilarious


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