SYDNEY — On Sunday, December 20, Central Sydney Resistance branch is planning a day of Marxism on the Beach at Manly Youth Centre. Resistance activist Aaron Benedek said, "It will be a great opportunity to revisit some of the more contentious

By Elena Jeffreysand John Curran
PERTH — Western Australia's attorney general, Peter Foss, has commended the Surveillance Devices Bill 1997 to the upper house. The government of Premier Richard Court would like it passed there before Christmas.

The ugly side of 'beauty'
By Trisha Reimers
Selling "beauty" is big business. It's profitable and it's everywhere. But the whole idea that there is such a thing as an ideal beauty standard, let alone that women should try to live up to this

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Pinochet 1
We are half way there! The vote from the British House of Lords has found that Pinochet is not immune from prosecution of crimes against humanity. Now we must wait for British Home Secretary Jack Straw

"Forget about the glass ceiling and all those other feminist icons purporting to hold back the advancement of women as leaders", advises Geoffrey Maslen in the November 17 Bulletin magazine. "Women already dominate uni campuses — soon they will

By Mouin Rabbani
On October 4, 1992, El Al cargo flight LY1862, which originated at New York's John F. Kennedy Airport, took off from Amsterdam's Schiphol airport for Tel Aviv. Approximately 10 minutes later, the Boeing 747-200 ploughed into the

By Bronwen Beechey
ADELAIDE — On November 20, 500 people rallied in Victoria Square to protest the SA government's budget cuts to mental health services. Mental health workers and clients, along with members of the Australian Nurses Federation

By Pat Brewer
CANBERRA — After a 17-hour sitting, the ACT Legislative Assembly imposed new restrictions on women's access to abortion on November 25. In a compromise, amendments moved by independent MP and health minister Michael Moore eliminated

Workers jeer PNG PM over budget
By Norm Dixon
On November 24 in Port Moresby, 2000 angry trade unionists jeered Papua New Guinea's prime minister, Bill Skate, when he appeared to accept a petition from protest organisers. The workers, mobilised

By Dick Nichols
[This is an edited version of an address to the ACT Politics in the Pub on the subject of "Privatisation in the ACT".] I'll be tackling the issue of privatisation as someone who, as secretary of the combined unions committee at


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