By Amanda Lawrence
In a recent edition of Triple J's Morning Show, presenter Sarah Macdonald introduced a new series on "The A-Z of Political Activism", Triple J's attempt to "find new ways to protest". According to Triple J, we are living in the

What's 'new' in Labor's policy debate?
By Sue Boland
An internal Labor Party debate became public when the federal member for Werriwa, Mark Latham, made several bitter criticisms of ALP policies immediately after Labor's October election defeat.

'Newcastle needs a working-class alternative'
'Newcastle needs a working-class alternative'
By Stephen O'Brien
NEWCASTLE — Following the November 21 federal Newcastle by-election, the Democratic Socialists have announced that they will

Get a clue
"Fortunately [psycho]analysis is not the only way to resolve inner conflicts. Life itself still remains a very effective therapist." — Karen Horney 1885-1952. For decades psychologists have spent the bulk of their professional

MUA ranks launch campaign to revive union
By Dick Nichols
PERTH — On November 25, Western Australian wharfies and seafarers determined to revive their union, the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA), met in Fibber McGees Irish pub in Leederville.

By Rick Mercier
KUALA LUMPUR — Representatives of non-government organisations met in Malaysia's capital for the fourth annual Asia Pacific People's Assembly at the time of the APEC summit.
Assembly delegates harshly criticised the neo-liberal

Contracting work: who's safeguarding the future?
By Peter Perkins
At the beginning of 1998, the NSW government awarded the contract for maintenance work on the State Rail Authority's Illawarra rail line to giant US multinational Fluor Daniels.

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By Belinda Selke and Jess Howell
Women's right to control their reproductive lives through access to abortion is under attack in the ACT, and Resistance is involved in a major campaign to defend it. A bill, first put up by right-wing Catholic ACT

Somebody's Daughter Theatre is hoping to tour NSW in 1999. SDT is a unique Australian ensemble made up of women who have a history of imprisonment or are still in the prison system. Their productions are acclaimed for their balance of passion, guts


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