MUA-Fluor Daniel deal criticised By Susan Priceand Ben Reid MELBOURNE — News of the agreement between the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) and contractor Fluor Daniel has caused uproar among unionists. The agreement, which entails substantial
By Susan Priceand Ben Reid MELBOURNE — The sincerity of the intentions of the state Liberal government's royal commission into the Longford gas disaster is being questioned. The fire at the Longford plant in September left much of Victoria
Organisations that participated in the demonstrations Organisations that participated in the demonstrations Forum Kota (FORKOT — City Forum) — A cross-campus activist coalition established in May. It was one of the two student coalitions that
Indonesians demand: Army out! By Max Lane At least 15 dead — including five university students and one high school activist — and more than 300 seriously injured: that was the cost of the stage-managed meeting of the Indonesian regime's
...God forbid!' By Brandon Astor Jones "The woods were made for he hunters of dreams,The brooks for the fishers of song;To the hunters who hunt for the gunless gameThe streams and the woods belong." — From The Bloodless Sportsman, by Sam
Turkey invades Kurdistan again Turkey's latest invasion of Kurdish-populated northern Iraq has taken place, ignored by the world's press. About 25,000 Turkish troops, supported by planes and helicopters, crossed the border on November 6. Turkish
By Allen Myers Australian big business has a new worry, according to a feature article in the October 27 Bulletin. It's the "class action" lawsuit. A class action suit is one in which all the people deemed injured by some action jointly sue the
Protesters picket Liberal gala By Chris Richards SYDNEY — Approximately 40 protesters picketed a Liberal Party gala on November 14 to protest against the Liberals and the Jabiluka uranium mine. The gala, held at Fox Studio, was to celebrate the
Speakers representing indigenous people throughout Australia and across the globe will be featured at the Global Survival and Indigenous Rights Conference, to be hosted by Friends of the Earth (FoE) on November 20-22 in Maribyrnong, Melbourne. The
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Russians, like other northern Europeans, tend to be tall if properly fed. "If" is of course the important word here: throughout most of Russia's history, the nutrition of the bulk of the population has been abominable.


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