By Francesca Davis In 1995, the environment movement had the Keating Labor government on the run when it mobilised thousands of people around the country to demand an end to woodchipping in Australia's native forests. The potential existed to
By Chris Spindler The Metal Trades Federation of Unions (MTFU) held mass meetings on September 30. The meetings voted to launch a wages and conditions campaign and endorse the make-up pay claim for injured workers. At an enterprise level, the
By Norm Dixon As South Africans awoke on September 22 and tuned their radios to the morning news, they could be forgiven for thinking they had entered a time-warp. The acting president, they heard, had ordered a force of 600-800 South African
By Peter Robson BRISBANE — Speaking to a full lecture theatre at the University of Queensland, Amien Rais, chairperson of the Partai Amanat Nasional (National Mandate Party of Indonesia), declared himself a candidate for president in
COLOMBO, Sri Lanka — On September 23, Sri Lanka's ruling party asked parliament for 12.2 billion rupees (A$184 million) more than the 44 billion rupees ($665 million) which was budgeted for the military for 1998. Parliament is likely to approve the
By Ben Reid and Chris Spindler MELBOURNE — The September 25 explosion at the Longford gas processing plant near Sale left two workers dead and millions of Victorians without gas. Hundreds of thousands of workers have been stood down. While the
Toxic dump close to defeat The long community campaign to stop the toxic waste dump at the abandoned Werribee quarry seems likely to succeed. A stand-off between CSR, the company that wants to establish the dump, and the local community has
By Helen Basili The Queensland Supreme Court on September 28 rejected an appeal by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation to lift an injunction that prohibits the playing of a satirical song, "I'm a Back Door Man". On August 28, 1997, the
Sri Lankan minister rejects Tamil homeland By Nadeem Ansari CANBERRA — The Sri Lankan minister for housing and construction, Inika Gunawardena, told a Friends of Peace in Sri Lanka meeting here on September 29 that a united Sri Lanka was the
Growth industry "Uranium is a growth industry",Says the Mining Maggot, always smilin' —You're sure to get a growth out of it, you idiot!Just look at the people from the Marshall Islands! Denis Kevans
By Eva Cheng "There is a credit crisis going on around the world, and it was brought home to us in spades by the bailout", Henry Cavanna, the head of JP Morgan Investment Management told Bloomberg news agency on September 25. Cavanna was commenting
Serious public health and environmental problems related to pesticide use exist in both Nicaragua and Guatemala, according to a recent report from the Danish Agency for International Development (DANIDA). The report found that new estimates place the
By Emma Murphy MELBOURNE — The National Union of Students' women's policy conference, "Fem X", was held at Melbourne University on September 26-27. About 100 women from around the country attended. The conference agenda was broad, including
By Bronwen Beechey ADELAIDE — South Australia ("the driest state in the driest country") relies on the Murray River and rainfall in the Adelaide Hills catchment for its water supply. These sources are heavily polluted from sewerage, agricultural
By John Nebauer It's been said that the only honest person to enter parliament was Guy Fawkes (who tried to blow up the English parliament building in the early 1600s). Looking at the major parties in Australia, one is inclined to agree. But there
By Francesca Davis On September 30, environment groups in Cologne and Bonn in Germany demonstrated in front of the Cologne Cathedral in protest against the Jabiluka mine. The activists likened the mining of Kakadu to mining under the Cologne


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