By Eva Cheng "I think it is absolutely critical, not only for Asia but for the rest of the world, that Japan [its economy] get back on track", warned US Treasury secretary Robert Rubin on September 4, the day before he met Japanese finance minister
International news briefs Ogoni activists freed Twenty Ogoni activists, held without trial by the Nigerian dictatorship since 1994 on trumped up murder charges, were ordered released from Port Harcourt prison in Rivers State on September 8 by the
Dark nights in the valley In the Winter DarkDirected by James BogleWith Brenda Blethyn, Ray Barrett, Miranda Otto and Richard RoxburghAt major cinemas Review by Margaret Allanand Francesca Davis Something sinister is out there. It mutilates
Figures I often must step outside my everyday existence and project my concerns from an astral plain — there the better to observe the goings on down below. This week, while at my stellar post, I was joined by that highly esteemed commentator
By Alex Robinson PERTH — Guild elections were held at the University of WA, September 7-10. The broad left ticket, Activate, won the positions of women's officer and environment officer. Most positions, including guild president, were won by the
Apology In the article "NUS ties itself to Labor" by Marcus Greville and Wendy Robertson (GLW #333), the authors did not intend to suggest that Van Badham and the International Socialist Organisation oppose the demands and objectives of the
How to vote for the Democratic Socialists on October 3 Advertisement How to vote for the Democratic Socialists on October 3 ACT Canberra: Nikki Ulasowski Fraser: Sue Bull NSW Cunningham: Margaret Perrott Grayndler: Michael Karadjis
By Helen Basili Mounting controversy over immigration policies and native title in the last few years have left many people asking if there has been a corresponding increase in acts of racism. There are numerous barriers to measuring whether racism
Workers rally for award conditions By Michael Bull MELBOURNE — On September 16, more than 1000 workers rallied outside the Australian Industrial Relations Commission to protest the challenge by industrial relations minister Peter Reith to
Health — a universal right By Pip Hinman I was struck by a series of letters in the Sydney Morning Herald recently about the virtues or otherwise of sending new mothers home immediately after giving birth. Why should they be taking up
Inside CowleyBy Alan ThornettPorcupine Press, London, 1998408pp (pb), £17.45 Review by James Vassilopoulos Inside Cowley contains a thousand lessons for trade union militants. It explains how British PM Margaret Thatcher got away with taming
TweedleKim and TweedleJohnny By Geoff Francis & Peter Hicks You can choose anybody you want — as long as it's Johnny or Kim.You can have any prime minister you want — as long as it's him or him.Politics Australian style is a very