By Alex Robinson PERTH — Guild elections were held at the University of WA, September 7-10. The broad left ticket, Activate, won the positions of women's officer and environment officer. Most positions, including guild president, were won by the
Advertisement Big business pays for its parties but who pays for a socialist campaign? Labor and Liberal can afford expensive advertisements in the mass media mainly because they are given millions of dollars by big business. Last year the Libs
Figures I often must step outside my everyday existence and project my concerns from an astral plain — there the better to observe the goings on down below. This week, while at my stellar post, I was joined by that highly esteemed commentator
By Norm Dixon Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe's claim that his regime's military expedition into the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is motivated by a selfless need to turn back "foreign aggressors" has not been enthusiastically accepted at
Health — a universal right By Pip Hinman I was struck by a series of letters in the Sydney Morning Herald recently about the virtues or otherwise of sending new mothers home immediately after giving birth. Why should they be taking up
Burma democracy activists rally By Shosheena Stoneand Nikki Ulasowski CANBERRA — Last week, the Burmese National League for Democracy (NLD), led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, announced the formation of a provisional government in Rangoon. Since
Workers rally for award conditions By Michael Bull MELBOURNE — On September 16, more than 1000 workers rallied outside the Australian Industrial Relations Commission to protest the challenge by industrial relations minister Peter Reith to
By Cassandra Pomroy SYDNEY — More than 300 people attended the "harmony afternoon of reconciliation" at the University of Technology on September 12. Organised by Black, White and Pink, the forum addressed the need for gays and lesbians to take
By Russell Pickering CANBERRA — The ACT Trades and Labor Council completed its Politics in the Pub seminars on September 16 with a discussion about "globalisation" and its impact on working people. More than 80 people heard Doug Cameron, national
Democratic Socialists reach out By Chris Spindler MELBOURNE — The Democratic Socialists, who are standing for the Senate and the seat of Melbourne in Victoria, are taking their politics to the streets. Teams have been established in eight
More arrests at Jabiluka The Jabiluka campaign continues to intensify as 12 people were arrested on September 19 at the proposed uranium mine site in Kakadu National Park. Ten people locked themselves to a metal sculpture of a frill-necked lizard
By Theresa Moore Since the introduction by the McMahon Liberal government of the Child Care Act in 1972, government grants for child-care have become an election "carrot" used by both major parties. Over the last 25 years, child-care service
Semaphore community rally against racism ADELAIDE — The serenity of the suburb of Semaphore was interrupted on September 19 by more than 100 activists rallying against the racism of Howard and Hanson. The rally, organised by the Democratic
By Wang Fanxi Zheng Chaolin, a veteran of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and a Chinese Trotskyist, died on August 1 in Shanghai. He devoted his entire life to the cause of the liberation of the Chinese workers and peasants. He was at once a
Why socialism is back on the agenda By Pip Hinman "The United Nations annual Human Development Report confirms, yet again, that capitalism has failed the majority of the world's people", said Max Lane, the foreign affairs spokesperson for the
Filthy Rich According to the recently released United Nations Development Program report on global inequality, the filthy rich continue to own and control most of the world's wealth. The Human Development Report calls for urgent action to improve


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