By Wendy Robertson and Marcus Greville Elections pose the question of the political strategy of progressive organisations such as the National Union of Students (NUS) more sharply. Whereas Resistance calls on the student movement to campaign
By Geoff Francis and Peter Hicks David Hill has finally resigned as head of Sydney Water. The man who gave the harbour city undrinkable drinking water denied any responsibility for the disaster, claiming he was leaving only to concentrate on his
By Ben Reid MELBOURNE — A round-table of non-major party candidates in the federal election was broadcast by independent radio station 3CR on September 11. Charmaine Clark (Greens), Jim Downey (Australian Democrats) and Maurice Sibelle
International news briefs Muhammad Ali calls for end to Cuban blockade Former world heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali, in Havana on September 11, called for the lifting of the US blockade of the island. Lonnie Ali said her husband's
Stock market tigers There's a rouble in the rubbleBut the trouble with the bubbleis it's burst. I said to Renie Rivkinit's time to put the boot in,the Hang Seng grown flakyand the Nikkei looking shakytime to sell right nowbefore the Dow turns
By Jon Land At least 24 East Timorese inmates at Becora Prison in Dili are on hunger strike demanding the release of imprisoned resistance leader Xanana Gusmao. According to prison officials, more inmates are expected join those already protesting.
COLOMBO — Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger rebels slammed the government for prolonging the country's ethnic conflict and offered to resume peace talks through third-party mediation, in remarks published on September 6. Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam's
Student demonstrations resume By Max Lane On September 8 in Jakarta, 2000 students joined a march and rally at the national parliament building. Several hundred students, who stayed overnight, were violently ousted from the parliamentary grounds,
Richmond anti-racism march MELBOURNE — Local residents protested against the racist policies of One Nation in Richmond on September 12. The rally was one of a series of anti-racism protests in local communities since the Queensland election.
Greens change their immigration policy By Francesca Davis At their national conference, held in Melbourne from July 31 to August 2, the Australian Greens made significant changes to their immigration and population policies. The Greens' 1996
By Kerryn Williams MELBOURNE — More than 100 people gathered at the Mount Waverley Community Centre on September 9 to hear Professor Chandrakanthan speak about the war against Tamils by the Sri Lankan military. Chandrakanthan is based at
Write on: Letters to the editor Immigration A reality check is useful in deciding who to believe as to the outcomes of having more of our species competing for a share of this planet's scarce resources. Well-meaning people such as Francesca
By Corporate Europe Observatory The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is cultivating a "partnership" with the United Nations. It is pushing for the implementation of a "framework of global rules" that it plans to help draft. The ICC
Series glosses over the real Mosley MosleyA Channel Four productionWith Jonathan Cake and Jemma RedgraveABC TVSundays beginning September 20, 8.30pm The screening of this four-part drama series on the life of British fascist Oswald Mosley spawned
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — A few days ago, my friend Rod came around unexpectedly to visit. He brought a bottle of vodka, but he wasn't feeling festive. Quite the reverse. An Englishman who has spent much of the 1990s in Moscow, Rod had just lost
By Geoff Payne NEWCASTLE — In the early 1980s, during the push for the 35-hour week, workers did not rely on Labor politicians winning office in the hope they would meet workers' demands. Instead, mass meetings of workers endorsed an


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