By Norm Dixon The fate of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) president Laurent Kabila's government and the oppressed Banyarwanda and Banyamulenge people in eastern Congo now rests in the hands of the DRC's neighbours. Contrary to the loud claims
SYDNEY — On September 9, Resistance members PAUL BENEDEK and RYAN LIDDELL ventured into PM John Howard's Sydney electorate of Bennelong to protest at a One Nation meeting which featured Pauline Hanson's chief adviser David Oldfield. Below is Paul's
ACT to privatise public transport By Francis Geraldson CANBERRA — On August 8, a mass meeting of ACTION bus drivers, called by the Transport Workers Union, rejected an enterprise agreement that would reduce conditions and introduce three split
Sexism and racism By Brandon Astor Jones nigger (niger),n. 1. Disparaging and offensive. a. a [B]lack person. b. a member of any dark-skinned people. 2. to criticize in a peevish way; carp ... -niggler, n. — Webster's College Dictionary The
By Peter Montague Starting in the 1950s, awareness of environmental destruction developed slowly in the US. Various events slowly shook the public awake: atomic fallout from weapons testing in 1956-1963; a nationwide pesticide scare in 1959; birth
By Richard Buchhorn Last November, Channel Nine screened the documentary Cape of Dreams in a number of cities. In it, the Aboriginal people of Cape York, the Merkins, were described as cannibals: "There were hundreds of cases of miners being killed
By Geoff Francis and Peter Hicks David Hill has finally resigned as head of Sydney Water. The man who gave the harbour city undrinkable drinking water denied any responsibility for the disaster, claiming he was leaving only to concentrate on his
International news briefs Muhammad Ali calls for end to Cuban blockade Former world heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali, in Havana on September 11, called for the lifting of the US blockade of the island. Lonnie Ali said her husband's
Undemocratic rules force change of candidate By Dave Wright SYDNEY — The Democratic Socialists have been forced to name a new candidate for the western Sydney seat of Reid because its original candidate is a federal public servant. Under the
By David Bacon SALINAS, California — Twenty-eight years ago, at the end of the great Salinas lettuce strike of 1970, virtually all of the valley's largest vegetable growers signed contracts with the United Farm Workers (UFW). Among them was the
Tasmanian Labor wins a rigged race By Alex Bainbridgeand Tony Iltis HOBART — Tasmania has a Labor government, it was announced on September 12. The election was the first since Labor and Liberal "reformed" the Tasmanian parliament. The new
TAFE Crusaders By Jo Williams MELBOURNE — Student union elections are taking place on the university and TAFE campuses of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. On the TAFE campus, two tickets are running, the TAFE Crusaders and the TAFE