Vote with your feet against racism The following call by Resistance for a further nationwide secondary student protest against racism on the Wednesday before the federal election was strongly supported at many of the August 28 rallies. We are told
By Natalie Stevens SYDNEY — It has become a familiar sight in Sydney: a koala-suited environmentalist on street corners, entertaining and informing the public about the Wilderness Society's campaigns while asking for donations. These fundraisers
By Sarah Peart On August 21, Energy Resources of Australia's chief executive, Philip Shirvington, announced plans to finalise, before the federal election, contracts for selling uranium mined at Jabiluka in Kakadu National Park. The Jabiluka mine,
Billy Craigie: Gomilaroy warrior By Lara Pullin Billy Craigie grew up in Gomilaroy country near Moree. He was a Gomilaroy warrior, and last month was laid to rest in a traditional burial. He died of a heart attack at the place he helped to build
By Jim Green The federal environment minister, Senator Robert Hill, has rejected a public environment report into the milling of uranium ore from the Jabiluka mine in the Northern Territory. The proposal from Energy Resources of Australia (ERA) was
By Barry Sheppard The "special period" that opened in 1989 as the Soviet bloc collapsed has been a major challenge to the Cuban Revolution. Before the 1959 overthrow of the Batista dictatorship, the United States was Cuba's main trading partner.
Solidarity We protest against the continued imprisonment of People's Democratic Party (PRD) prisoners in Indonesia. They are not released because the government feels the real threat from these brave comrades in chains. This exposes the hypocrisy
By James Vassilopoulos What the hell is going on! That sums up the feelings of many Sydneysiders as, for the second time within a month, they have been warned to boil their water, following the detection of the parasites giardia and
By Sue Boland The Howard government seems to have realised that it can't credibly argue that its tax package is one for "battlers" or that it's fair to everybody. Instead, it now asserts that a GST which includes food is "good for the nation". This


By John Pilger It doesn't matter whether or not President Clinton fired his missiles in order to distract attention from his troubles with Monica Lewinsky. He would have done it, anyway. We have been through this many times before, with the lies
Gordonstone miners win jobs back By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Giant coalmining multinational ARCO has suffered a setback following an Australian Industrial Relations Commission order on August 26 that it reinstate sacked miners at the Gordonstone
Comment by Dave Riley The recent secondary student walkouts have promoted a wave of discussion on the topic of racism — what it is and how to fight it. But the new rise in the confidence of the anti-racist forces, spawned by the student actions,