By Eva Cheng The last time — in January 1995 — that Beijing endeavoured to shake the vested interests of the military, a harmless "temporary regulation on economic accountability" was issued for "leading army cadres" in the name of the
By Karen Fredericks BRISBANE — Recent moves to abolish parole for prisoners serving more than five years and to deprive all prisoners of the right to vote are indicative of the extent to which One Nation has been able to influence the agenda
According to a recently released report, results from four human pesticide experiments have been submitted to the US Environmental Protection Agency since 1992, and EPA regulators believe that more are under way in Britain. The growing use of human
Blue stockings From August 17 to 21, Blue Stocking Week, events will be held on campuses across Australia to focus attention on women's participation in higher education. A century ago, women who wanted a formal education were referred to by
By Susan Price MELBOURNE — More than 50 protesters held a speak-out at the State Library on August 8 calling for the repeal of abortion laws in Australia. The action, organised by the Pro-Choice Coalition, was part of a national day of action on
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — After pledging US$22.6 billion to save Russia from economic meltdown, international lenders are being called upon to extend a further US$18 billion. Not, this time, to avoid metaphorical meltdowns, but to help set the
Tell MeBy Stephen Ewart Review by Michael Cooke Surfing the radio stations these days, one is assaulted with a bland and bewildering potpourri of golden oldies: hip hop, migraine-inducing dance music, pastiches of 70s "classics", pretty boy/girl
Poem: Ad-junked Ad-junked Selling dreams, selling schemesSelling creams for your face and your stomachCars, computers, insurance, blue jeans and dessertsShares, holidays, property, alcohol and soapWith a little bit of glamour they're peddling
By Chris Slee An editorial in a recent edition of the Irish Echo (a paper for Irish people in Australia) draws some interesting parallels between anti-immigrant prejudice today and anti-Irish prejudice in 19th-century Australia. Some 19th-century
Not an advertisement Fair go! One of the many reasons we need tax reform is that taxes are too complicated. Because taxes are so complicated, millionaires have to hire expensive tax lawyers to reduce their taxes to the level you pay. Is that


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