By Francesca Davis Yet another round of changes to entry requirements for immigrants has reaffirmed the Coalition government's commitment to ensuring that business gets the migrant labour it needs without taking on any of the cost of settling the
Vigils against N-weapons CANBERRA — The embassies and high commissions of the eight countries that have tested nuclear weapons or are known to possess them have been targeted by vigils here. The vigils are organised by a coalition of local peace
Industrial awards to be gutted By James Vassilopoulos From July 1, all industrial awards (which specify working conditions and wage rates) will be stripped to the bone. The regulation of working conditions will be reduced to 20 items
By Martin Oliver Concern about genetically modified foods in Australia is growing, despite the predictable messages being conveyed by the media. Modified foods now include Australian-grown cottonseed oil and imported canola oil, maize, tomato,
OAU votes to ease sanctions on Libya Despite criticism by the United Nations, the 34th summit of the Organisation of African Unity, meeting in the Burkina Faso capital, Ougadougou, decided on June 10 to lift partially the UN-imposed economic
By Shane Bentley and Peter Johnson SYDNEY — Members of the NSW Teachers Federation held two-hour stop-work meetings on June 17 to protest against the Howard government's promotion of private schools over the public school system. Concerned parent
By Sue Boland A road worker, who voted for One Nation in north Queensland, told the Australian that he had formerly been a "red hot Labor supporter" until "Paul Keating brought in enterprise bargaining agreements", which resulted in road crews
Against the wishes of the traditional owners, the Mirrar people, and against the wishes of 80% of Australians, Energy Resources of Australia (ERA) began construction of the Jabiluka uranium mine in Kakadu National Park on June 15. Just a few days
Right-wing women Whether we like it or not — and we definitely don't — Pauline Hanson is making political history. Her media-enhanced image as the ordinary "fish and chip shop lady" who dared to speak her mind, challenge the major
Fight for free speech in Adelaide By Jo Ellis ADELAIDE — Green Left Weekly is under attack here. The city council will not allow GLW to be distributed in the mall without a permit. The permit will cost $10 per week per distributor. The council


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