Our mutual friend Pray cast your eye across the street. Our mutual friend with the cap. Going down to lay a little something on the TAB unless I'm very much mistaken. I have often seen you chatting with him. And I'll bet you a dollar he talks
NSW public servants win pay deal By Jenny Long On June 17, the Public Service Association executive lifted the bans imposed by statewide stop-works the Friday before, after the government offered to negotiate on a promised 4% pay rise. Two days
OAU votes to ease sanctions on Libya Despite criticism by the United Nations, the 34th summit of the Organisation of African Unity, meeting in the Burkina Faso capital, Ougadougou, decided on June 10 to lift partially the UN-imposed economic
Folk that gives hope Freddie's DaughterMargaret BradfordSend $20 (CD) or $10 (cassette) to 12 Naranga Ave, Engadine NSW 2233Ph (02) 9520 6180 Review by Barry Healy Plain speaking can often be the best way of communicating your thoughts and
More uranium mines for SA By Sam King ADELAIDE — Australia's uranium industry is to be boosted with the planned expansion of the Beverley and Honeymoon "trial" mines in South Australia. Southern Cross Resources (SCR) plans to open a new mine at
WA prison reform 'too little, too late' By Sean Martin-Iverson PERTH — Earlier this month, WA justice minister Peter Foss announced a new suicide prevention strategy, the first acknowledgment by the government that there is a problem in WA's
New stage in East Timor struggle By Jon Land A new stage in the fight for East Timor's independence has begun with a wave of militant protests by Timorese youth and students. Since June 2, thousands of activists have joined almost daily protest
Right-wing women Whether we like it or not — and we definitely don't — Pauline Hanson is making political history. Her media-enhanced image as the ordinary "fish and chip shop lady" who dared to speak her mind, challenge the major
By Sue Boland A road worker, who voted for One Nation in north Queensland, told the Australian that he had formerly been a "red hot Labor supporter" until "Paul Keating brought in enterprise bargaining agreements", which resulted in road crews
Auto workers take on GM By Barry Sheppard On June 5, the United Auto Workers (UAW) struck in a General Motors factory in Flint, Michigan. The factory stamps sheet metal into car and truck body parts used in GM assembly plants. Six days later,
East Timor protests June 2 — 1500 students take part in a free-speech assembly at the University of East Timor, despite attempts by the university rector to prevent it. June 3 — 253 prisoners in Becora Jail in Dili begin an indefinite hunger
Abortion rights pamphlet launched By Susan Price MELBOURNE The new Resistance Books pamphlet, Abortion: A woman's right, the case for law repeal, was launched here on June 12 at the Resistance Bookshop. The 50 people who attended heard Lynette