Strike leader to challenge Hoffa Jr in Teamster election By Barry Sheppard Ken Hall was a key leader, along with former Teamster president Ron Carey, of the victorious strike the Teamsters Union waged against the United Parcel Service (UPS)
German solidarity against Jabiluka uranium mine The following "Declaration of Solidarity" was adopted at an April 17-19 conference of the German anti-nuclear movement attended by activists from more than 40 cities. The Nationwide Conference of the
'A small group of loafers' By James Vassilopoulos In the year to September 30, 1997, one of the directors of Lang Corporation, the parent company of Patrick Stevedores, was paid a salary of more than $800,000. This director achieved world's best
The Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) construction division has called a national strike for May 20 to protest against the government and the building industry bosses' attempt to strip back national building industry awards.
By Sarah Stephen PERTH — State MP Cheryl Davenport's private member's bill to remove abortion from the WA Criminal Code, which passed through the upper house last month, was finally passed by the lower house on May 7. It remains the Davenport
One of the selling points for many genetically engineered crops has been that farmers will need fewer inputs and therefore have higher returns per hectare. However, two recently released studies indicate that this may not be the case. Researchers at
By Jennifer Thompson On May 26, exactly one year after the "stolen children" report was tabled in federal parliament, the first national "Sorry Day" will be held. The day's aims, reflected in many different activities, include publicly recognising
By Peter Gellert MEXICO CITY — May Day was marked here with three mass demonstrations, reflecting divisions and new trends in the country's labour movement. The official, pro-government labour movement, organised in the Congress of Labour (CT),
JOHN PILGER's documentary Apartheid Did Not Die was shown on British and South African television on April 21. On April 17, the Johannesburg-based Weekly Mail & Guardian published an article in which Pilger described his first visit to South
Punishing the victims On May 1, doctors in the public hospitals and one of the two private abortion clinics in WA stopped performing abortions. These doctors do not oppose women's right to choose abortion. On the contrary, their vocal support
Biggest Labour Day in 25 years By Chris Dawson As the last of the more than 10,000 Labour Day marchers poured into Albert Park at 11.40am on May 4, Maritime Union national organiser Jim Tannock announced the MUA's High Court victory from the
Maori march against MAI By Robert Jones AUCKLAND — A Maori protest hikoi (march) against the Multilateral Agreement on Investment is sending shock waves through official circles in New Zealand. The 40-strong hikoi has slammed the