You can take comfort in my presence GOOD NEWS! This column will soon be entering its fifth year. The smiling dial that marks it has not changed one smidgin in all that time. I'm ageless, that's what I am. I'm still the same bloke I was way back
By Jim McIlroy One of the central tenets of the Communist Manifesto states: "Of all the classes that stand face to face with the bourgeoisie today, the proletariat alone is a really revolutionary class". This fundamental proposition of Marx and
By Francesca Davis Governments have been talking about reduced car use and better public transport for years. The NSW government is now working on its 13th transport plan for Sydney — none of which have been implemented. Meanwhile, construction
By James Balowski On March 28, Andi Arief, the chairperson of Student Solidarity for Indonesian Democracy (SMID), was abducted at gunpoint from his brother's home in Lampung, South Sumatra. He has not been seen or heard from since. Arief was taken
By Lisa Macdonald In a cynical attempt to woo the migrant vote, Labor leader Kim Beazley told the Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia annual conference in Sydney on March 28 that the ALP unequivocally supported multiculturalism
By Sean Healy On April 1, more than 20,000 students and staff took part in protests against the Howard government's education cutbacks and the privatisation of tertiary and technical education. The large turnout, and the militancy of the
Wik and the politics of compromise By Jennifer Thompson Secretive negotiations between the Coalition government, Labor opposition and independent Senator Brian Harradine have been taking place over the passage of the government's Wik bill.
By Allan Nairn JAKARTA — Activists and observers here speculate that the country — reeling from hunger and mass lay-offs promoted by the IMF — is moving toward social upheaval and perhaps a change of regime. At the dumps in Bantar Gebang, the
Dita Sari Truly free theserighteous captives.Pathfinders of freedom,peaceful warriors,held hostageby a tyrant State. Democracy of thedungeonSocialism of thecells. Friends of libertyfighting onbehind the wire,the bars, the chains.Leading
Comment by Ray Fulcher and Marcel Cameron MELBOURNE — Around 5000 students and staff took to the streets here on April 1. It was the largest student mobilisation in Melbourne for some time and shows the potential for organised opposition to the
Bradbury promotes alternative media By Adam Leeman NEWCASTLE — More than 100 people turned out to celebrate alternative media and hear David Bradbury speak about his films Jabiluka and Loggerheads on March 29. The event was organised by
By Reihana Mohideen "In our experience, the newspaper is an instrument ... [which] serves as a mechanism to unite the people and to become a spark for collective action ... Progresibo is an attempt to open a forum for discussion of progressive