Anti-choice antics backfire By Sarah Stephen PERTH — The tactics of the anti-choice movement, led by the religious right, have backfired. On March 30, when state parliament resumed, an anti-choice rally was held outside Parliament House. A
Dita Sari Truly free theserighteous captives.Pathfinders of freedom,peaceful warriors,held hostageby a tyrant State. Democracy of thedungeonSocialism of thecells. Friends of libertyfighting onbehind the wire,the bars, the chains.Leading
By Boris Kagarlitsky MOSCOW — In February the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (KPRF) celebrated its fifth anniversary. In their commentaries on this event, Moscow's right-wing newspapers showed a striking unanimity: all were full of
Comment by Ray Fulcher and Marcel Cameron MELBOURNE — Around 5000 students and staff took to the streets here on April 1. It was the largest student mobilisation in Melbourne for some time and shows the potential for organised opposition to the
Jack London: A LifeBy Alex KershawHarperCollins, 1997. 335 pp., $45 (hb) Review by Phil Shannon Leon Trotsky praised him as a revolutionary artist. Lenin was moved by his stories. Could this be the same author who wrote popular novels about the
Fears for captured Timorese fighter By John Martinkus Amnesty International has called for urgent international action pressing the Indonesian government to confirm the whereabouts of East Timorese freedom fighter Jose Antonio Belo, who it
By Chris Latham The speech and hearing faculty at Curtin University has approached the vice-chancellor for permission to charge up-front fees for domestic undergraduate students. The threat of up-front fees is not new at Curtin. In 1997, the
By Pip Hinman As international pressure mounts against the Suharto regime, spurred on by the growing protest movement inside Indonesia, the Australian Coalition government and Labor opposition have gone in to bat for Indonesia's corrupt ruling
During April and May, Green Left Weekly's Moscow correspondent, Renfrey Clarke, will be conducting a speaking tour of Australia. Since the first issue of the paper, Renfrey has provided a unique view of the tumultuous political and social changes
Left on-line Free Speech TV: Shell on Earth — This episode of the British activist series Undercurrents documents the collaboration of Shell Petroleum with the dictatorship of Nigeria in oppressing — and slaughtering — the Ogoni people. Visit
By Jon Land The people of East Timor and supporters of its struggle for freedom have been saddened by the tragic news of the death of Nino Konis Santana. Resistance sources announced on March 30 that Santana, commander of Falintil (the armed wing
By Norm Dixon The Bougainville Freedom Movement is concerned at the New Zealand government's announced intention to scale back its role in the truce monitoring group (TMG) on Bougainville, and offer Australia leadership of the force. Under the
Editorial: Racism and the Hindmarsh decision In its decision in the Kumarangk (Hindmarsh Island) case, announced on April 1, the High Court found a way to evade the central issue. This was the government's claim that it has power, under the
The ten point scam The racist scum are on the bumthey need our help againto protect the interests ofour rich and famous men. Working folk are on their arsetreated as if second classit's not for the likes of you or methat he's promising
Arief Budiman and the IMF On March 28, Arief Budiman, an Indonesian activist and currently a professor at Melbourne Uni, was interviewed on SBS's Dateline program. Before the economic crisis in Indonesia, Arief Budiman said he was against the IMF
By Pauline O'Brian On February 26, the Howard government announced the replacement of the Commonwealth Employment Service (CES) with a system of private job-market brokerage firms, the "Job Network", to commence on May 1. The new system relies on


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