By Vannessa Hearman The Brunswick Music Festival has done it again, this time with a fantastic night of women's music featuring Faith Petric, an 82-year-old folk singer from the US, and the recently formed Three Sheilas, composed of Judy Small,
Editorial: What conflict of interest? What conflict of interest? Rejecting Labor claims that his minister for resources and energy, Senator Warwick Parer's, ownership of $2 million worth of shares in a coal mine amounts to a conflict of interest,
By Sarah Connor LONDON — On the day that I am writing, this I attempted to give evidence as to the value of someone's life. A defence attorney flew in to the UK to obtain testimony that might mitigate his punishment. My words were controlled and
By Michael Karadjis The slaughter unleashed by Slobodan Milosevic's Serbian regime in the occupied region of Kosovo, killing 80 innocent villagers in the region of Drenica, has provoked western condemnation. However, this has little to do with
By Ian Jamieson Tasmania's minority Liberal government is continuing to receive stunning blows as a result of its attempt to "reform" local government in Tasmania. In a series of Australian Electoral Commission-run polls organised by seven
By Ahmad Nimer The collapse of Stalinism in the late 1980s and early '90s has resulted in a widespread rethinking of the notion of revolutionary politics and in particular the concept of state power. This discussion has resulted in numerous
Solidarity with arrested activists By Max Lane On the night of March 13, Suharto's military agents captured three People's Democratic Party (PRD) leaders in a raid on a tenement flat in Jakarta. They were Mugianto, from the PRD's International
Loose cannons And private hands "Monopolies are acceptable if they are in the public interest." — Suharto crony "Bob" Hasan, head of the plywood cartel. Chile's Howard "Chile's General Augusto Pinochet ... kicked off the first mass
By Grace Eliot Just six companies (Sony, EMI, BMG, Time-Warner, Universal and Polygram) control over 90% of the world's commercial music business. But this figure, based on sales volume or dollar turnover, does not reflect an increasing swell of
By Kathryn Fairfax SYDNEY — More than 50 people gathered to hear Patricia Pego Guerra, a visiting representative of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples and the Union of Young Communists, speak about life in Cuba after 40 years of
Feminist forum attracts large turnout By Margaret Allan Is TV series star Zena a model for liberation? How can women change society? Who should take financial responsibility for raising children? These were some of the questions raised at a forum
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