By Jennifer Thompson On September 4, the day the Coalition's Wik bill first went before parliament, John Howard told the ABC's 7.30 Report that "obstruction" of the bill would mean that Aboriginal people could have a "veto over the further
By Barry Sheppard When UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan announced that he had secured a deal with Saddam Hussein, the anger in Washington was best expressed in Secretary of State Albright's face, twisted with rage, on TV. President Clinton was
International Women's Day 1998 On March 7, tens of thousands of women and male supporters joined International Women's Day marches and rallies around the country. In Sydney, reports Lucy Honey, at least 5000 marchers joined an incredible array of
O-week launches campaigns By Amanda Lawrence CANBERRA—During the recent orientation week at the Australian National University and the University of Canberra, a wide range of political issues and campaigns were initiated. At the ANU more than
Male-only bars and misogyny The Laird Hotel and Club 80 in Melbourne applied to the Anti-Discrimination Tribunal on February 26 for an exemption from equal opportunity laws so that they can ban women from their premises. The owners of the
Up-front fees at VCA By Marcel Cameron MELBOURNE — The Victorian College of the Arts administration has attempted to introduce up-front fees for local undergraduate students, following months of speculation and no attempt to involve students
By Mel Bull Many University of Western Sydney (UWS) students are wondering what hit their campus over the Christmas break. Not only is David Barr, the chief executive officer of Macarthur campus, pushing for up-front fees, but students on Rydalmere
By Eva Cheng "We will oppose any and all measures to create or even imply binding obligations for governments or businesses related to the environment or labour." So warned the US Council for International Business — the US big business club —
Red Lamp40 pp., $5Write for subscription details to 39 Norfolk Ave, Islington 2296 Review by Al McCall After putting in more than two years as the one, the official, no-correspondence-will-be-entered-into Green Left Weekly poetry editor, I am
The language of sexism By Brandon Astor Jones "ladylike adj. 1. Character of a lady: well-bred. 2.Appropriate for becoming a lady. 3. Unduly sensitive to the matters of propriety or decorum. 4. Lacking virility or strength." — American
By Phil Shannon Voting on a certified agreement in the Commonwealth Department of Health and Family Services (HFS) finished during the last week in February. The agreement, which will determine the wages and conditions of HFS staff for the next 18
Solidarity with maritime workers: 'Our fight is your fight' By Andy Gianniotis BRISBANE — more than 4000 unionists and supporters marched and rallied here on March 4 in solidarity with the Maritime Union of Australia in its dispute with the