Where have all the taxes gone? By John Tomlinson The controversy about the federal government's last budget and the current political shenanigans over introducing a consumption tax demonstrate the unrest changes to the tax system evoke. As the
Why we must defend the maritime workers Continued from page 3. All unions and workers must defend the maritime workers. Besides a verbal commitment, unions must also be prepared to give industrial support. Last November a national meeting of
By Jon Land In 1978, former PM Malcolm Fraser granted approval for uranium mining at Nabarlek in the Northern Territory. Situated in Arnhem land, 20 kilometres north-east of Gunnbalanya, Nabarlek is adjacent to an Aboriginal sacred site and within
Making humble work come to life Humble Work and Mad Wanderings: Street Life in the Machine AgeBy Ken AppolloNevada City, California: Carl Mautz Publishing, 1997. 108 pp, 61 duotone images$34.95 plus $3.50 shipping from 228 Commercial Street,
By Feizal Samath KANDY, Sri Lanka — Devi and Ramani left their one- roomed homes in the tea estates at a very young age to work as maids in Colombo. They returned in coffins. They worked for many years with two families. Both were routinely
By James Balowski On January 18, a bomb exploded in an apartment in the central Jakarta slum district of Tanah Tinggi. Indonesian police say they found documents belonging to the banned People's Democratic Party (PRD), and a top military official
Pacific UnionBy Alex BuzoDirected by Aarne NeemeNew Theatre, Newtown, SydneyUntil 7 February Review by Brendan Doyle Pacific Union tells part of the story of Australia's involvement in the first conference of the United Nations, held in San
Comment by Lisa Macdonald The full picture of the attempted genocide of Australia's indigenous people still remains largely unacknowledged in official Australian history. This is because of (rather than despite) the fact that the forcible removal
By Russell Pickering CANBERRA — As the February 21 ACT election approaches, there is a real possibility that another minority government will be elected. A recent independent poll has found that minor parties and independents will do well, and
WOLLONGONG — As a result of a three-year campaign by Warrawong residents, the NSW state government has made funds available to reopen the Warrawong Community Centre (WCC) and employ full-time staff. The centre will celebrate its reopening by
Indonesia's economy in free-fall By Eva Cheng On January 22, banks in Indonesia demanded a massive 16,750 rupiahs for every US dollar they put on offer, but paid only 11,000 rupiahs for each dollar sold to them. The banks created the 5750 gap
Loose cannons Green Left Weekly's witty Loose cannons editor has taken a well-earned break this week. But don't worry you LC junkies, you'll get your weekly dose of laughter at "their" expense next week.
By Dave Riley With six Catholics shot dead after six weeks of a loyalist killing spree, the prospects for a peace settlement in Northern Ireland seem bleaker now than at any time since the current talks began in October. The latest victims were
Stoking the Flame The Light on the Hillmay flicker and dim,at times — the bad times,it may fail to illuminatethe road ahead. It is then that we mustcup our hands around it,protect and nurture it,feed its sacred flame,revive its scarlet heart.
Why we must defend the maritime workers By James Vassilopoulos Why should full-time workers (many of whom are on less than $35,000 per year) support maritime workers (some of whom receive $70,000) in their fight against the government and the
Lou Gugenberger, one of the stalwarts of the left and green movements in Brisbane for many years, died of a heart attack on January 8. A lifelong friend of Lou's told the diverse audience at the funeral ceremony held on January 19 that Lou had said


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