By Greg Adamson MELBOURNE — A campaign for the release of students imprisoned in Indonesia was one of several national campaigns launched at a conference held here over the weekend of September 21-22. Around 70 people attended the first
By Peter Annear BELGRADE — An incident illustrates the tragedy that is unfolding in Yugoslavia. It is 4 a.m. Dawn has not yet broken. On the line from Budapest to Belgrade, our train pulls into lonely Subotica, the rail crossing and immigration
By Ian Powell WELLINGTON — There has been a dramatic shift in the popularity of New Zealand's political parties. A Morgan Gallup opinion poll conducted last month recorded a striking increase in support for the left-wing NewLabour Party from
Call on Hawke to recognise Croatia By Sean Malloy SYDNEY — The Croatian community called for the Australian government to recognise Croatia as an independent country at a press conference here on September 26. Representatives from the
By Max Bridson MELBOURNE — The toxic smoke plume from Coode Island that hung over Melbourne for two days in August belonged to Australia's richest man, Kerry Packer. Naturally enough he didn't boast about it, or apologise for it. That's not
'Hunger trap' If the earth is producing enough food for all, why is 70% of the world's population fighting hunger? This is one of the questions to be addressed by "Breaking the Hunger Trap", a conference in Sydney from October 18 to 22. The
The recent announcement of plans to extend the power of police to tap phones raises once again the question of how really our democratic rights are. On these pages we present a slightly abridged version of a paper JOAN COXSEDGE, Victorian MLC,
By Sally Low The famous Swedish model died on September 15. Along with all things left of centre, it has been, say many commentators, swept into the dustbin of history by wise voters: stifled by high taxes and too many bureaucratic rules, they
Political evictions in Prague By Sally Low PRAGUE — The International Union of Students, the World Federation of Trade Unions and the International Organisation of Journalists are fighting moves by the Czechoslovak government to evict them
Funeral march against AIDEX By Tyrion Perkins BRISBANE — The Stop AIDEX Campaign staged a funeral march through city streets on September 24 to publicise the link between the Australian International Defence Equipment Exhibition, to be held


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