Death Dreams and Dancing in Nicaragua By Penny O'Donnell ABC Enterprises. 1991. 221 pp. $16.95 Reviewed by Pip Hinman Like thousands of other Westerners during the 1980s, Penny O'Donnell decided to see for herself what life in Sandinista

End the blockade! By Norm Dixon Cuba has repeated its call for the United States to withdraw its military forces from Guantánamo Bay Naval Base, illegally situated on Cuban soil. While US President George Bush parades before world opinion

By Peter Annear Following its September 8 referendum on independence, Macedonia could become a new flashpoint in the Yugoslav civil war. With a 75% turnout, 98% of voters favoured a sovereign and independent Macedonia which would have the right to

Success for long-awaited premieres By Catherine Gough-Brady ADELAIDE — The first Australian Composing Women Festival, held here September 20-22, heard works by Dulcie Holland, Miriam Hyde, Anne Carr-Boyd, Sarah Hopkins and many others. It

Great expectations, mixed results Great Expectations With Phillip Gould, Megan Williams, Vincent Ball, Zoe Bertram. Limited season at the Seymour Centre, Sydney Reviewed by Richard Ingram. I confess that musicals are a long way from my

Story by Tom Flanagan Photo by Joel Winter HOBART — Green activists have mobilised quickly in response to the release of a draft of the state Labor government's resource security legislation. On September 16, cabinet received a detailed

By Dr Sanghamitra Desai Gadekar This is a report of my first impressions as a doctor of the situation existing around the Rawatbhata reactors. Rawatbhata reactors is something of a misnomer. The reactors are situated on the lands of a village

NSW stoppage a step forward In a welcome return to recognition of the need for political action as a tool of labour struggle, the NSW Labour Council has provisionally called a statewide one-day stoppage for October 15 in opposition to the NSW

By Mikael Hidayat JAKARTA — Sana, 19, and a group of fellow Timorese workers first came here in hope of a life better than that to be found in Timor. Their expectations had been raised by the promise of jobs in a Jakarta hotel. The promise

By Rosemary Evans Which small country, often in the news, never provides TV journalists with images of police violently charging protesters (with or without tear gas), of faces consumed with murderous hatred, of fleeing civilians, of cars in


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