Call on Hawke to recognise Croatia


Call on Hawke to recognise Croatia

By Sean Malloy

SYDNEY — The Croatian community called for the Australian government to recognise Croatia as an independent country at a press conference here on September 26.

Representatives from the Australian Croatian Community Council (ACCC)stressed that the conditions Bob Hawke outlined for Croatian independence to be recognised had been met. The conditions included the rights of minorities within Croatia and the control of its borders.

Maria Zrno, spokesperson for the ACCC, said that control of Croatia's borders was not possible because of the occupation of some regions by the Yugoslav army.

The point was also made that Australia has recognised other nations despite occupation, such as France and China during World War II.

The statement released by the ACCC affirmed that the rights of minorities in Croatia were part of the new constitution of the Republic of Croatia, drafted in June.

It also called for aid to Croatia, especially in the form of medical supplies. Aid sent to Yugoslavia was going to the Yugoslav army rather than Croatian casualties.

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