ADELAIDE — CATHERINE CARTER, director of Theatre Praxis's latest production of British playwright Howard Brenton's Bloody Poetry, spoke to Green Left Weekly's NATALIE WOODLOCK about the play. "Bloody Poetry explores the lives and political ideas of
No reconciliation with racism: Stop the Wik bill By Jennifer Thompson The tales and insults traded back and forth over recent weeks between Paul Keating and John Howard, the Labor and Liberal parties, former Labor power-broker and Packer
... Token action on domestic violence One week after thousands attended the Reclaim the Night marches around the country, the Howard government brazenly reaffirmed its lack of commitment to tackling domestic violence. Publicised as a
By Jon Land More than 1000 East Timorese students staged a peaceful demonstration in Dili on November 12 to commemorate the sixth anniversary of the Santa Cruz massacre. The protest was held at the University of East Timor, amidst a heavy
Widespread oppression of women workers in Indonesia By Becky Ellis The rapid development of export industries in Indonesia since the 1970s has significantly increased women's participation in the industrial work force. Indonesian women are
Action updates Hunter Valley miners SYDNEY — About 150 supporters attended a benefit for the Hunter Valley No 1 miners at the Gaelic Club here on November 14. Peter Hicks, Denis Kevans, John Dengate and the Travelling Agitators all
'Who wants to live near a nuclear dump?' By Andy Gianniotis SYDNEY — More than 150 people crammed into the Sutherland Shire council chambers on November 10 for a special meeting of the shire's environment and health committee. The meeting
TranslationsBy Brian FrielNew Theatre, Sydney, until 20 December Review by Brendan Doyle Set in 1833 in the Irish-speaking rural community of Baile Beag in County Donegal, this fine play tells the story of what happens when a foreign power (the
More Olympic site contamination By Trish Corcoran SYDNEY — The November 5 Sydney Morning Herald described another discovery of toxic waste at the Homebush Bay Olympics site, this time on the site of the former Lidcombe Hospital, which is
Construction in Progress comes to Melbourne Melbourne will host Construction in Progress VI — The Bridge next March. The project, initiated by the International Artists' Museum, is an event of international significance in which some 90
By Sarah Peart It was the weekend after I attended an inspiring Reclaim The Night march against domestic violence that I picked up the October issue of the Australian music magazine Rolling Stone. It contained an interview with Prodigy (the
UN resolution backs end to US blockade of Cuba By Deepa Fernandes HAVANA — For the sixth time in six years, the United Nations General Assembly on November 5 overwhelmingly passed a resolution calling for the end to Washington's more than