Foreign affairs minister Alexander Downer has repeated his position that there will be no further inquiry into the killing of six journalists in East Timor in 1975. "We can't keep having inquiry after inquiry after inquiry into this incident, which

By Norm Dixon
Zimbabwe's impoverished farm workers have won a hefty wage increase as a result of their first organised national strike against the country's 4000 wealthy, predominantly white, commercial farmers. Farm workers, who walked out at the

The quality of mercy
By Brandon Astor Jones
Moments ago, as Superior Court Judge Ken Nix — in his own good ol' boy way — sang the words, "... and may God have mercy upon your soul", it probably never occurred to his toe-the-line

By Bronwen Beechey and Ben Courtice
MELBOURNE — The campaign against the Victorian government's amendments to the WorkCover scheme has moved into higher gear following a stop-work and rally of 60,000 people on October 29 and a 24-hour stoppage by

Resistance holds Rage Against Racism
By Wendy Robertson and Cassandra Pomroy
SYDNEY — Around 500 young people from across Sydney attended the Resistance "Rage Against Racism" held in Parramatta Park on October 25. Resistance organised the event

Victorian teachers to stop work
By Mary Merkenich
MELBOURNE — Victorian state school teachers will stop work on November 12 as part of a campaign for a certified agreement with the government. The Australian Education Union (AEU) is seeking

Stock market crash
A spokesperson for the Unemployed Workers Army said today, "Senior executives should find great openings on the fourteenth floors of office towers; they are called windows". The spokesperson went on to suggest that it was time to

By James Vassilopoulos
"The Hunter Valley miners are fighting for secure, permanent jobs, for the maintenance of long service leave and recreation leave — the same conditions that many working people are fighting for. They deserve our full

Pretty Village Pretty FlameDirected by Srdjan DragojevicSharmill FilmsOpening at Dendy Theatres in November Review by Jon Land
This is a gripping film which highlights the senselessness of war. While it does not seek to explain the politics of the

By Jon Land
Labor foreign affairs spokesperson Laurie Brereton recently announced a proposed new policy on East Timor that asserts the right of the territory to an "act of self-determination". According to a report in the October 18-19 Australian,


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