Health workers' dispute in negotiation By Gabrielle Wheeler MELBOURNE — The dispute between health workers in Victoria's public hospitals, and their employers and the Victorian government, has entered a 14-day "cooling-off" period, following a
By Kerryn Williams CANBERRA — Students were able to defeat a motion by a failed candidate to overturn the results of the recent elections to the University of Canberra students' association. The university annual general meeting, held on October
Greenhouse colonialism: how rich countries make the poor pay By Norm Dixon It's the stuff of countless Hollywood sci-fi flicks: the existence of our fragile planet is threatened by [insert appropriate danger: a) evil extraterrestrials; b) massive
By Libby Connors By early November, all Australians on the electoral roll will have received a ballot paper to elect candidates for a 1998 constitutional convention to discuss whether Australia should become a republic. John Howard did not want
Stop the racist Wik bill! By Jennifer Thompson On October 22, two Liberal MPs broke ranks to abstain from the second-reading vote in the House of Representatives on the government's racist Wik bill. Another Liberal MP went to a Christian "Praise
By Lisa Macdonald In response to US State Department criticism of his visit to Libya on October 23, South African President Nelson Mandela has accused the US administration of racism and condemned its "arrogance to dictate" where South African
This and next weekend, thousands of people in Australia will show their solidarity with the people of East Timor by marching to commemorate the anniversary of the Dili massacre. The events of November 12, 1991 were far from the only atrocities
By Reihana Mohideen The US constitution, with its radical Bill of Rights, was a product of a social revolution against British colonial rule. In the Philippines in September more than half a million people protested in defence of the constitution,
Why the stock market's on a roller-coaster Comment by Allen Myers You can tell that capitalism is going through an unusually rough patch when the Financial Review's editorials take on a philosophical tone. The one in the paper's October 30
Heaven's BurningDirected by Craig LahiffScreenplay by Louis NowraREP Film Distributors Opens nationally November 6 Review by Marina Carman Humour, excitement, romance and violence — all the essential elements are there in this action-packed


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