As It Happened: Ernesto Che Guevara: Bolivian Diary — SBS, Thursday, October 9 — 8.30pm (8pm in SA) Review by Neville Spencer October 9 is the 30th anniversary of the capture and execution in the jungles of Bolivia of Argentine-Cuban
Indonesia Alert!Edited by Kurt Biddle and Malik MiahPrinted by Inkworks, USA Review by Nick Everett Indonesia Alert! is a new publication produced by supporters of Indonesia's democracy movement in the United States. It reports on developments
Royalty "The royal visits were nothing compared to this." — A senior police officer in Hong Kong, on security arrangements for the visit of Chinese Premier Li Peng and Vice-Premier Zhu Rongji. Benefits of competition "One has to go
Cairns wharfies win 'for all unions' By Bill Mason BRISBANE — The victory of the waterside workers in Cairns in the week ending September 19 was a win "for the Maritime Union of Australia and for all unions", MUA spokesperson Col Davies
By Peter Montague In the mid-1980s, a citizens' organization in New Jersey — Clean Ocean Action, led by Cindy Zipf — launched an aggressive campaign to protect the oceans from the dumping of toxic sewage sludge. They were up against
Protest at BHP shareholders' meeting By Jon Lamb ADELAIDE — A protest against BHP's theft of East Timorese oil from the Timor Gap took place outside a BHP shareholders' meeting on September 23. Two of the main oilfields discovered by BHP
East Timor activist fined heavily By Tim E. Stewart DARWIN — Well-known Darwin activist Shell 63 has been fined $1000 for jumping into a parliamentary limousine during a demonstration for freedom for East Timor. The incident occurred
By Zanny Begg On October 18, 1967, more than 200,000 people gathered in the Plaza of the Revolution in Havana to hear Fidel Castro read an obituary to Che Guevara, who had been assassinated in Bolivia nine days before. To the crowd gathered in
From the courtroom By Brandon Astor Jones Out of habit and emotional necessity today, I have been reading some very poignant poetry in an attempt to soothe my soul. I have also been listening to at least one very angry and vindictive
Indonesian students and workers arrested By James Balowski On September 23, at least nine students and workers were arrested during a protest outside the Indonesian national parliament building against new, repressive labour laws.
A warning against complacency Sarwono Kusumaatmadja, Indonesia's environment minister, last week spoke with honesty unusual in the Indonesian government, regarding the catastrophic fires spreading through the country. "We were operating on
Choice or poverty trap? "Break-ups 'the main cause of poverty'", announced the September 22 Sydney Morning Herald — a remarkable statement at a time of enormous unemployment and underemployment, declining real wages and health and
Labor exposed at native title rally By Martin Iltis CANBERRA — Around 100 people attended a rally and march on September 21 protesting against the Liberal government's attacks on native title. The rally, organised by the Campaign Against
CFMEU strike and rally on October 1 A half-day building industry stoppage will take place on October 1 in Sydney. Thousands of building workers will stop work and attend a rally at 11.30am at Town Hall Square. Several hundred miners will join
By Sue Bolton MELBOURNE — It is now three years since free-to-air community television Channel 31 hit the airwaves. Stephen Baras-Miller and Jeff Riley are involved in the weekly activist program, Access News, produced by Channel 31's Ska TV
Sunrise BlvdRod Quantock at The Comedy (Harold Park) Hotel115 Wigram Road, Glebe, Sydney.September 23 to October 5, 8pm. $7. Review by Chris Spindler Rod Quantock is a rarity. He is not only funny, he uses real politics as the drawcard and


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