Competition and cooperation By Allen Myers Australia has to be competitive internationally, we are continually told whenever governments want to lower wages or cut social security spending. Within Australia, businesses have to be
The Black AdderChannel 7, Thursdays 11.05pm Review by Al McCall It's back from the video vaults, resurrected on rewind — Black Adder has returned. "Black Adder, Black Adder, with many a cunning plan. Black Adder, Black Adder, you horrid little
Unions join employers in nationalist binge By James Vassilopoulos SYDNEY — Five thousand workers from the textile, footwear and clothing industries marched to John Howard's office on August 20 to demand no more cuts to tariffs. This
1000-strong meeting against Howard's 10-point plan By Ben Courtice and Bridget Riggs MELBOURNE — One thousand people attended an educational meeting organised by Defenders of Native Title (DONT) on August 28. Speakers demystified the
By Bronwen Beechey As a labour researcher with the metalworkers' union, Peter Ewer went to the Latrobe Valley in 1988 to run shop stewards' training courses and "convince workers of the merits of award restructuring and the benefits of higher
We never expected "Not even judges can be expected to be indifferent to financial considerations." — Justice Murray Gleeson, chief justice of NSW, complaining that pension regulations encourage judges to retire too early. Danger:
By Jo Obronschka MELBOURNE — Victorian public sector nurses voted at a mass meeting on August 26 to accept an agreement which includes an 11% wage rise over three years and the creation of 250 extra nursing positions in Victorian hospitals.
MARIA NAVARETTE, better known as MARIA CHICHILCO, representing the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN), has just finished a national speaking tour organised by the Salvadoran community and the Committees in Solidarity with Latin
ACTU: rhetoric versus reality This week the ACTU is holding its biennial congress in Brisbane. If previous congresses, and the agenda of this one, are anything to go by, delegates (very few of them from the grassroots of the union
Child-care Thank you for Pip Hinman's review of Sally Loane's book Who Cares? Guilt, hope and the child-care debate (GLW August 27). Pip took up a few issues that as a parent of a young daughter I was concerned about. Arguments that parents


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